It Should Terrify You How Accurate Sir Isaac Newton’s End Times Theory Is In This Current Political Climate

When you hear someone talk about the end of the world, it’s usually some sort of conspiracy theory. It’s one of your friends who is talking about something they read on Facebook from their crazy uncle and it has no evidence backing it up. With that being said, the end of the world isn’t an impossible thought.

Many scientists and other world leaders have theories of how humanity could meet its doom and they’re terrifying. Here are some of the most credible.

WR 104 Explosion

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If you love space and spend a little bit of time researching it, you probably have heard of the star WR 104.

If it exploded into a supernova, scientists warn that it would release a powerful and deadly Gamma Ray burst that would destroy the ozone and kill all life as we know it.


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This goes overlooked significantly. The threat that robots have on the human race is substantial. Stephen Hawking claims it’s no laughing matter and is based in reality.

Artificial intelligence will eventually overpower humanity and wipe us out. This is real. Not to mention all of the manufacturing jobs that robots are taking.

UN Prediction


Clime change is a problem. Don’t take my word for it, take the United Nations. They released a report that says if we don’t work together and reduce CO2 emissions drastically in 12 years, it could be the end of the world as we know it.

They predict i nothing is done, overwhelming heat, floods, and famine will spread more disease and create overwhelming poverty.



This picture of a needle is hard enough for me to look at. But, Bill Gates has warned the next flu pandemic is probably right around the corner.

Since the population is rising, the ability to weaponize illness becomes more likely. He thinks that this next wave of disease will kill upward of 30 million people in the first six months.

Nuclear War

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How many times have you thought about an impending nuclear war? I think about it nearly every day.

It’s a zero-sum game. If one bomb goes off you can expect many others to follow, which will result in catastrophic damage. If you do happen to survive, you’re going to be living in a much darker world.


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I know it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that Stephen Hawking appears in the article quite a bit. But, his theories hold some serious clout.

He predicts that developments in genome manipulation could lead to an entire generation of super-humans. Wealthy people would probably be the first to alter their children’s DNA and make everyone else obsolete.

A Black Hole

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Black holes have captivated astronomers for decades. Many scientists predict that a rogue black hole could head toward earth and swallow us up.

Yes, just straight up swallow an entire planet. So far they’ve found 60 black holes that could eat us like Mac n’ Cheese on a Saturday night. That’s unsettling.

Information Apocalypse


This is a new issue that has been forced upon us by the internet. Aviv Ovadya predicted that fake news will break down factual information and nothing will mean anything.

With all of the easily accessible news sites, it could be nearly impossible to tell what’s real and what’s not. This could be incredibly destabilizing and could trigger a number of cataclysmic, world-ending outcomes.



Just like any surface area, only so many people can fit. The overpopulation of the world is becoming a serious problem. Scientists, including Stephen Hawking, have predicted that given our current population trajectory, we have about 600 more years.

He says that after that time the earth will be too populated and it’ll be completely uninhabitable.

Newton’s Prediction


Famed mathematician and philosopher Isaac Newton was revolutionary in a lot of aspects of science. He extensively studied the Bible and came to the conclusion that a catastrophic war would end the world by 2060.

I mean, the way that the political turmoil is heading, we’re probably right on track for this projection.

Reverse Of Magnetic Fields

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Uh oh, the REAL Y2K, perhaps? It was a mere 780,000 years ago that the earth’s poles flipped. Some scientists say that it’s destined to happen again.

When it does, it will have devastating effects on our electrical grid and satellites that keep our systems running. It would be destabilizing and there’s nothing we could do about it.

Mathematical Prediction

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If you hate math as much as I do, you know know that it actually destroyed our lives a long time ago. Why? Because it sucks and is hard.

On a more serious note, Geophysicist Daniel Rothman developed a math formula that could predict the end of the world. It determined that the oceans would hold so much carbon that mass extinction would be inevitable by 2100.

Christian Apocalypse

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If you’ve ever read the Bible, you know that it has some of the most terrifying end times imagery. I mean, humans have to suffer through famine, earthquakes, tribulation etc.

The end times will be led by an Antichrist who will march into Israel and it will be a battle for life or death.


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I’ve been hearing about a human versus alien world war for a while now and I’m wondering when it’s going to happen.

I don’t want to quote Stephen Hawking again, but I mean, he’s a genius and has thought out all these possibilities more than anyone else. He thinks an encounter with aliens could be very happy. But, they’d be more technologically advanced and would carry diseases that would wipe us out.



Let’s be honest, our entire lives are basically on a computer or a phone. Tech experts predict that hackers could start targeting electrical grids and nuclear power plants.

If they have bad intentions, they could bring those things down and send us into anarchy. It would send a ripple effect across the globe.

Jewish End Times Prediction


In a book published in 1894, Rabbi Moses Israel Benjamin made some bold predictions. He said that when there’s a solar eclipse during the Hebrew month of Elul, the end times would be near.

He states, “it will be a bad time for other nations, bringing a great damage to the kings of the East and bringing great storms and death to animals.”


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This is what nightmares are made of. A super-volcano? No thank you. The Geological Society estimates that within a million years, there will be a volcanic eruption that spans over 3,000 km cubed.

That would be similar to the eruption that happened 75,000 years ago that caused a volcanic winter for six to ten years.

Hopi Prediction


The Native American tribe has predicted that the world would end in a devastating way. Iron snakes, stone rivers, and giant spider webs would cover the earth.

Not only that, but we would end up being hit by a giant blue star. I think I’ll pass on this one. Yikes.

The Earth’s Core Cooled

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Let’s just get one thing straight — if the earth’s core cools down we’re going to be screwed.

Some scientists say that the molten core could cool down significantly, which would break down the atmosphere. Not only that, but it would make life completely inhabitable. They believe this is what happened to Mars billions of years ago.

Two Planets Colliding

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Do you want to see the entire planet of Earth duke it out with another planet? Yeah, me neither. But, that might actually happen.

If a rogue planet entered our solar system (which happens) we would be screwed. This isn’t unprecedented. Many scientists believe that a collision like this is what created Earth in the first place.