These Are The Worst And Most Embarrassing Mistakes In The History Of Mistakes

There’s a little part of you that likes to see other people make mistakes. Admit it. I mean, we all make mistakes at some point in our lives, some big, some small.

But, no matter how bad you think you screwed up, you can take comfort in the fact that there is someone who screwed up WAY worse than you. Don’t believe me? Well, read on.

Not Enough Life Boats…

Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images

Imagine thinking that a boat was TOO big to sink. I mean, I guess at the time there wasn’t a boat that even came close to the size of the Titanic, but they got lazy.

They thought the rig was so invincible that they didn’t even need to put enough lifeboats onboard. Whoops.

Decca Record Rejection

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How crappy would you feel if you rejected The Beatles? Yes, even the greatest of all time ended up getting rejected before they made it big.

Decca Records turned down the band because they didn’t think that The Beatles were "sellable" enough. Well, I think it’s safe to say that EMI Records picked up the right slack.

Australia Was Property Of The Dutch


The Dutch could’ve gained a continent, but instead, they passed. Way before the British discovered Australia, the Dutch made landfall there.

They figured that it was just a desolate desert so they abandoned the idea of settling there. The Brits came almost 85 years later and turned it into a colony.

Thanks, Russia

Sergi Reboredo/VW PICS/UIG via Getty Images

I think that it was a huge mistake for Russia to give up Alaska so easily. They saw the terrain as being just useless tundra (that’s a lot coming from Russia who has a lot of useless Tundra, to begin with).

They ended up giving the US the eventual state for just two cents an acre.

Filling The Hindenburg With Hydrogen

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I guess I have to admit that this one is more of a lack of technology, but it still resulted in a terrible result. The destruction of the Hindenburg could’ve been avoided.

Since the aircraft was filled with hydrogen, any spark could’ve led to a leak which would’ve ignited the gas and, well, the rest is history.

Making The Wrong Turn


It was the assassination that started the first World War. Even worse, it could’ve been avoided. Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were on their way to visit an entourage that was hurt during the last attack on his life.

His driver made a wrong turn and was backing up on the street when an assassin saw an opportunity to pounce and did so.

Japanese Attacking When Not A Single US Aircraft Carrier Was Around

Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

At this point, we know that Pearl Harbor was a failure that could’ve been avoided. Well, maybe not avoided, but at least diminished the end result.

The biggest mistake was the lack of intel on the part of the Americans. They weren’t prepared. Not even a single US aircraft carrier was in the port at that time which allowed the Japanese to reign terror.

Faulty Construction At Chernobyl


It’s perhaps the most famous nuclear leak of all time. It was completely avoidable and yet fingers were being pointed all over the place.

The issue stemmed back to faulty construction that led to the meltdown of the Chernobyl Reactor. This mistake and the radioactivity that resulted from it is still being felt today.

The Publishers That Passed On Harry

Warner Bros. Pictures/MovieStillsDb

You’re a wizard Harry. The Harry Potter book franchise has been the biggest novel success basically of all time. But, it certainly didn’t come easy.

The novels and the story were passed up by not one, not two, not three publishers — 12 publishers. Yikes, that’s a mistake that can’t be reversed.

Austrian Army Accidently Attacked Itself


Military mistakes don’t get any weirder than this one. After all, why attack your enemies when you can just attack yourself?

The Battle of Karanesbes was one that the Austrians would like to forget. One thing led to another and the army ended up attacking itself after trying to flank the Turks.

The New Mexico Fire


What started out as a prescribed fire in 2000 turned into a fire that caused one billion dollars in property damage.

It started to spread incredibly quick because of high winds and drought conditions. The flames ended up burning for a month and destroyed 400 homes. It also crushed nearly 50,000 acres of land.

Moon Landing Tapes


The moon landing was a big deal. NASA held the United States at the forefront of the space race when they touched down.

It also would’ve been a great idea if they filmed the event. Well, they were supposed to, but NASA accidentally filmed over the landing. There’s no original footage of it.

Cold Feet, Cold Grave


Invading another country is always going to be risky and dangerous. But, doing it during the dead of winter in Russia is a totally different animal altogether.

Napoleon decided to invade in 1812 when the French only had their summer uniforms. Well, thousands of them died of hypothermia. Not the proudest moment for the French.

Hitler Thinking He Can Invade Russia

Heinrich Hoffmann/Archive Photos/Getty Image)

Hitler completely ignored the plight of Napoleon when he decided to try to invade Russia in the winter. Yes, you guessed it, it didn’t work.

Because of the uniforms that the Germans were equipped with, they basically froze to death. They failed to supply the correct amount of supplies needed to the front lines. They lost 700,000 men even before the dead of winter began.

The Fall Of The Empire


The Romans were basically everything that a strong empire needed. They had shifty politicians, a mighty military and a massive downfall.

Julius Cesar ruled with an iron fist, but he was murdered on the senate floor. Rome made a huge mistake. They quickly ran out of leaders and resources and the Roman Empire decayed into just another town.

He Failed Geography


If you think you’re bad at geography, just wait until you hear Christopher Columbus’ story. Well, in his defense, this was before Siri or Google Maps.

He set out to Asia originally to grab spices but that isn’t where he ended up. He landed in the Caribbean which he ended up calling the West Indies.

The Lottery Ticket Throwaway

This is a real story. A woman in England won the Euromillions and her husband threw away the winning card. She played the lottery every week, and would mark down the numbers on a separate sheet of paper so she knew she won.

Well, her husband threw out her ticket and it was never to be found.

NASA Used Metric, Lockheed Martin Used English


If you’re going to send something in space, I think there needs to be a lot of communication and a lot of people who are on the same page.

In 1999, a team of Lockheed Martin engineers used the English system of measurement while the rest of the NASA team used the metric system. Well, the navigation coordinates were wrong and the orbiter was lost in space. A 165.6 million dollar mistake.

Faulty Equipment Causes B-2 Stealth Bomber To Crash


If you think the last one was bad, this mistake cost over a billion dollars. During a practice flight in Guam, America’s most expensive jet was destroyed when faulty sensors caused the plane to stall and crash.

The B-2 stealth bomber cost over $1.4 billion. There’s only 21 of them in existence.

Tiger Wood’s Addiction


If you haven’t heard of this scandal, you’ve been living under a rock. At the end of 2009, America was shook by the idea that Tiger Woods had cheated on his wife with upwards of 200 women.

Well, it was an expensive mistake for Tiger. Within a year, Tiger agreed to a $750 million divorce settlement with his ex Elin.