These Dads Back In The ’80s Prove They’re Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be

Although you’ve known your dad your entire life, chances are you’ll never meet the man he was back in the 1980s. He was younger, wilder, and probably cooler then you’ll ever be. If you think you’ve done some truly cool things in your life, chances are your dad did it first. Take a step back into the ’80s and see these dads that set the bar for what it means to have style and swagger.

When skateboarding barefoot in a suit was socially acceptable…

Spick N’ Span

Photo Credits: Photo: Mancerk_ Latzo/ Reddit

If you’ve ever wondered why your dad washes his car every weekend, it’s because it’s a hard habit to break. Back in the day, young men treated their car better than most boys today ever will. They worked on the engine themselves, changed the oil, and definitely never took it into a car wash.

Carving In Style

Photo Credits: Targat2/Reddit

If your dad ever cracked a smile when you asked him for your first skateboard, it was most likely because he was a proud father at that moment. Chances are you aren’t the first one in your family to cruise down the street in style. Your dad was doing it well before you were born and was probably better than you’ll ever be.

Like Father, Like Son

Photo Credits: DatingPuppy/Reddit

This photo perfectly captures the admiration of a son for his father. This dad looks all business in his fighter pilot outfit, and his son is looking at him in awe. He even has his own little fighter pilot jacket too so he will blend in with the other men at the base.

Women Swooned…

Photo Credits: Julian_Jeg/Reddit

Everyone has heard their dad brag about how good-looking they were back in the day. Although time may have done a number on their body, most still keep photos as evidence of their good looks. It looks like this dad kept an old modeling photo to show off to his kids.

Check out the next dad’s unicycle skills!

Beer Run Level: Expert

Photo Credits: skeleton_spotted/Reddit

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that your father wasn’t always a dad. At some point, he might have even been unicycling with a case of beer on each shoulder. Just because your dad doesn’t always tell you about his crazy antics as a young man, it doesn’t mean that they never happened.

Married In Style

Photo Credits: Ohf*ckdood/Reddit

Nothing makes for a better wedding than long hair, motorcycles, and crushing beers. This couple may have the most rugged wedding photos around because traditional weddings are overrated. We hope they hit the road after this for their honeymoon.

Style Off The Charts

Photo Credits: cptncabinet/Reddit

Red Miller Light hat, check. Red Old Milwaukee vest, check. Flannel with a kitten inside, check. This dad has all of the bases covered style-wise, and the kitten tops everything off. Aside from being more stylish than you’ll ever be, its guaranteed he drank more beer than you.

Before Jean Jackets Were Cool

Photo Credits: OG_Lee/Reddit

After years of dormancy, the jean jacket has finally come back into popularity. However, it’s important to remember who made them cool in the first place: your dad. Chances are he still has one tucked away in his closet that you’ll never get your hands on. It has too many memories for you to leave it at some party.

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His First True Love

Photo Credits: SmallAdventures/Reddit

Before this dad became domesticated, it’s more than likely that he went on more than a few adventures with this hound. By the looks of it, they have a deep bond and were probably inseparable. This dog probably rode shotgun long before his wife ever did.

A Six Pack And A Gallon Of Milk

Photo Credits: IAmTheLiquor9/Reddit

Today, most young men can only aspire to have as much swagger as this man. No amount of vintage clothing or beer consumed can match this man’s natural ability to look cool. The funny thing is that this probably wasn’t a special occasion either, just a man who was sent to the store for some milk, and came back with beer, too.

Yes, That Is A Fox

Photo Credits: Manwithprinciples/Reddit

Apparently, laws didn’t apply in the ’80s because this guy is holding a fox. Not only is it a fox, but it also has a collar, showing that it’s domesticated. If this dad ever told his kids they couldn’t have a pet, all they would have to do is whip out this photo to prove a point.

His Artistic Side

Photo Credits: JankyTango/Reddit

With the craziness of family-life, your dad may not have as much time for his hobbies like he used to. This is a picture of a dad sculpting a profile of his wife’s face in peace, something they had time to do back in the day. We hope that sculpture is displayed somewhere in their home.

This next dad and his dog are about to drop some unreleased music.

New Christmas Card

Photo Credits: Ohreallylar/Reddit

Everything about this picture makes it undeniably cool. The guy’s outfit, the glasses, his stoic and loyal looking dog, and of course, the new hip-hop album that he’s going to release in his hands. We’re not sure if this picture was intended to be cool, but it turned out that way.

Stylish Dad

Photo Credits: @Shoesfordayyyys/Instagram

Just because this man had a kid didn’t mean that he hung up the old jean jacket and traded in the shades for a pair of cargo shorts and white tennis shoes. He rose to the occasion and decided to keep his current style and become one of the best-dressed dads around. Good choice.

Ever wonder where you get your attitude from?

Honesty is the Best Policy

Photo Credits: DrGirlfriend93/Reddit

This dad had an attitude back in the ’80s. Although he’s at band practice, it doesn’t look like he’s having very much fun. The “Piss Off” shirt lets his bandmates know that he’s not in the mood to do any more socializing than necessary. We wonder what his mother had to say when he walked out of the house wearing that shirt.

Big Tech Guy

Photo Credits: ClutchIsBack1/Imgur

Believe it or not, technology was around back in the 1980s, and it wasn’t as primitive as you may think. Here’s a dad standing next to his car while simultaneously showing off his portable phone. However, chances are, his pockets aren’t big enough for it to fit in his pants. He may need a backpack.

Ahead Of His Time

Photo Credits: pcyr9999/Reddit

While everyone else was living in the ’80s, this man was looking into the future. He managed to transform a van into a futuristic looking craft. Driving around town with this baby is probably how he picked up his wife. This was an ambitious move, but he pulled it off.

Maroon Down To His Socks

Photo Credits: FollowUps/Reddit

Back in the 1980s, style like this wasn’t just acceptable; it was encouraged. It was a simpler time when wearing all maroon while peddling a 10-speed through the neighborhood was the norm. Hopefully, this dad unboxed this old outfit and wore it to horrify his children.

Putting Em’ Back

Photo Credits: Beardsarecool/Reddit

This dad looks like he knows a few things about camping. Step 1, put up the tent. Step 2, proceed to chug beers for the rest of the day. This is one of those photos that probably isn’t on display in his family’s home but is kept in a shoebox somewhere in his closet. Cheers.

The ’80s In A Picture

Photo Credits: Graybles/Instagram

Nothing says the ’80s more than dirty mustaches and oversized glasses. This dad has it all and is rocking it with ease. His son should take notes because this is how a real man presents himself. The only thing that would make this picture better is if it was a fraternity composite picture, which it very well might be.

Lebanon Dad


His shirt partially unbuttoned, one hand is pressed against the wall as he leans, and his hair is marvelous. This is the epitome of a cool ’80s dad. We don’t know where he was heading, but he looked dressed for some fun. This dad from Lebanon had it going on.

Got The Beach Look Down


This father could have been a chick magnet. Or he could have just been the creep on the beach who stares at you for too long. We’re not judging, we’re just giving our honest opinion. At least his mustache is nice and thick. You can’t go wrong with a nice mustache.

From The ’80s To Now


A nice compare and contrast photograph of this son’s father. The picture of the left is of him and his father. The picture on the right is of his father and his grandson 30 years later. Outside of his dad missing some hair, everyone in this picture looks the same, even the babies.

Big Man With A Cute Bird


It’s always the big ones who are the gentle giants. This ripped dad is casually walking around in his short shorts, no shirt and a giant Tweety Bird in his hand. One of the softest Looney Tunes is Tweety Bird. But this proves this dad doesn’t care and likes living his best life.

Gains In Poland


This dad invented gains. His pose is spectacular, and he makes some other dads look like complete nerds. He took this photo in Poland and legend has it that he is still standing there. He is a symbol of inspiration and will continue to be for years to come.

Rockin’ Out


This picture is an instant classic. This guitar-playing dad strumming in front of a Led Zepplin banner is what dreams look like. Whoever his son is should be proud that this photo made it to the world wide web. Everyone deserves to see this.

What Are You Looking At?


This dad almost looks like Mel Gibson. He looks like he’s ready for because he’s the head of ROTC at the time this picture got taken. We’re sure his hair greyed out now, but he won’t ever forget his time heading the ROTC. Those are all timeless moments.

A Nice PNW Hike


The poster of this image revealed this was the lady his dad left his mom for. Maybe that’s a little too much information. We’re just here to appreciate that these two hiked one of the best trails in the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully, his son doesn’t hate him too much.

Up Up And Away


Apparently, this dad received 50 dollars a car for this jump. Would you have tried that? His coolness skyrocketed after he attempted and successfully completed this death-defying jump. Also, he never jumped cars again after this. He got the money and left. That’s a smart man.

Dolla’ Dolla’ Bills Y’all


This professional photo takes being cool to the next level. There he is, glasses on, cozy sweater, and the last prop, the money in his hand. He has a slight smirk going on too, so you know he acknowledges how cool he looks right now.

The German Carpenter


When a man stands like this he probably just put in a lot of manual labor. It also might mean he has a certain level of sassiness in him so don’t push the wrong buttons. This picture got taken in Germany. He’s working on a carpeting job.

New Jack Look


This dad’s style is off the charts. He has the Nike hat to pair with the gold jewelry that makes the outfit. We’re not sure what to call his stance, but it isn’t a bad one. He just looks ready for a music video shoot honestly, but we’re here for it.

How Cool Is He?


This vintage photo of someone’s father makes him look like several things. Cool is for sure one of them but beat poet comes to mind. Nick Jonas also comes to mind. Whatever you think he looks like it doesn’t matter because his cool level trumps everything.

His Only Picture


The person who posted this said this is the only picture of her dad she has. What a great one to have. He seems really focused on the song he’s singing and that guitar looks legendary. She needs have this photo framed, and put on a wall in her room.

Keep The Party Going


If your dad looks like this, then you can bet he was an exciting and cool man. He could be on hardcore drugs. He might also be a wrestler. There is no telling the type of life he leads but you rest easy knowing his coolness is peaked.

The Dad Ruler


This father knows how to take a headshot! It looks entirely made for taking serious profile pictures. He will help you overcome any lousy picture taking skills you may have. Just look at him for a second and take in his coolness. You’ll thank us later.

Hunky Dad


This dad took this picture in his modeling days. He might not have made it big as a model, but this isn’t a horrible shot at all. This is better than many photoshoots that take place today. The pretty lady on the surfboard only adds more coolness to the picture.

White Tee With The Arms Crossed


Anyone who wears a solid white t-shirt as an adult has a certain level of cool about them. And to raise the stakes, if you are hanging out with guys who can pass as your bodyguards then you are already cool. No one should dare mess with this man.

Its A Celebration


This dad celebrated the Fourth of July with his brother. It looks like they have a huge bottle of liquor that is going to get them drunk for the rest of the night and early in the morning. Any dad who knows how to enjoy hard liquor with family is a cool dad.

Incredible Photoshoot


When it comes to photoshoots with lovely women, this dad takes the cake. The denim outfit gives him an extra flare. And let’s not forget about his great, curly hair. This woman is easy on the eyes as well. This is just an excellent picture for a dad.