Forgotten Facts From The Early Days Of KISS

They might be one of the most iconic rock bands of the last forty years, but for KISS, those decades on the world stage have been anything but boring. Newcomers to rock might only know them for their make-up and costumes, but hardcore fans know that with fame comes rumors, myths, and scandals.

As KISS embarks on their final farewell tour, stop here first and find out everything you didn’t know about one of the biggest rock bands of all time, from their R-Rated early days to their unmasking.

Find out why people think their logo has a secret Nazi connection.

Don’t Mention The 1978 TV Movie To The Band

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For years after the 1978 made-for-TV movie Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park was released, anyone in KISS’s inner circle was banned from even mentioning the film. The musical-fantasy comedy was released at the height of KISS’s fame, but still was panned by critics and fans alike.

The members of the band claim the semi-comedic script made them look “buffoonish.” Frehley said he couldn’t stop laughing the entire movie while Simmons said it’s only bearable “if you’re on drugs.”

Eddie Van Halen Was Almost In The Band

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Both Van Halen brothers had collaborated with KISS long before they found their own fame. Eddie Van Halen had actually written the guitar solo for “Christine Sixteen” and Frehley re-recorded it later on.

In 1982, Eddie and Alex Van Halen had gone on to be their own rockstars, but Eddie wasn’t happy with the band’s direction. This rift was happening right as Frehley was leaving KISS, and Eddie briefly spoke to Simmons about joining KISS. Simmons appreciated the offer but said Eddie would “cast too much of a shadow” as a KISS member.

KISS Has A Partnership With Hello Kitty!

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Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP Photo/Getty Images

Even though the band is fiercely protective of their image, they decided the best way to enter into the Japanese market was to partner with another huge brand. In 2012, they created a co-branded line of merchandise that included t-shirts, mugs, and posters that had the cartoon cat wearing KISS makeup.

One of the more infamous products from the branding was Hello Kitty! KISS toilet paper that even Mike Tyson has reportedly owned.

Keep reading to find out about the first time KISS finally took off their makeup.

Katey Segal Was A Backup Singer For Gene Simmons

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Katey Segal, better known later as Peggy Bundy on Married…With Children, would pick up any gig she could get when she was struggling to break into the business. In 1978, that included working as a backup singer for Gene Simmons’ solo album.

Segal even joined a group called “The Band With No Name” and they were signed by Casablanca Records which was the same label that recorded KISS at the time.

They (Almost) Started A Wrestling Team

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Paul Bergen/Redferns/Getty Images

In 1999, KISS managed to successfully partner with World Championship Wrestling to create a group called “The Warriors of Kiss.” The group was supposed to have a wrestler to represent each member of the band and female equivalents. In Simmons’ words, it was going to be “big girls, with big boobs, wearing KISS makeup, wrestling.”

It sounded like a slam dunk for ratings but they couldn’t figure out the logistics thanks to WCW politics.

Their First “Unmasking” Was In 1974

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KISS made waves in 1983 when they performed for the first time ever without their makeup and costumes on. Many people don’t know that they were photographed “unmasked” nearly a decade before by a tricky photographer.

Charlie Auringer wanted to get the money shots of the band without makeup so he told KISS that their manager said it was okay. In reality, the manager and the band were completely against it. Thankfully, Auringer agreed not to publish the photos.

Keep reading to find out about KISS’s alleged Nazi connection.

Gene Simmons Is One Of The World’s Top Fire Breathers

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The bassist may have begun using fire and pyrotechnics as an on-stage stunt, but over the years Simmons has gotten pretty good at it. So good, in fact, that he’s listed as one of the world’s most accomplished fire breathers.

Simmons’ personal record is breathing a 15-foot flame. The world record in 26.5 feet, but still, Simmons’ personal best is pretty good. He was inspired to try fire breathing after seeing a famous magician use fire as a trick.

KISS Turned Down The Beatles

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KISS was offered the chance to be the Future Villain Band in the 1978 film, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, based on The Beatles’ album. KISS thought that it would ruin their image and make them look like the bad guys, so they passed.

Aerosmith eventually took on the role and joined a star-studded cast that included Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees, Alice Cooper, and Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Coming up: the problem with their logo

On The Flip Side, The Beatles Turned Down KISS

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The same year that KISS refused to appear in The Beatles-inspired movie, each member of The Beatles refused to appear on Gene Simmons’ solo album. While legend says all four flat-out denied Simmons, apparently they all couldn’t make it due to “scheduling conflicts.”

Simmons was so committed to featuring a Beatles track on his solo album though that he turned to the next best thing—using the cast members from Beatlemania.

Frehley Has To Sing On His Back

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Robert Knight Archive/Redferns/Getty Images

All four original members of KISS contributed either lead or backing vocals at one point or another. For guitarist Ace Frehley, that meant laying down on his back. Frehley says that he “can’t hit the notes sometimes” if he’s standing up.

Even though the technique worked, it wasn’t exactly easy. KISS record producers had to create an elaborate microphone set-up for Frehley to sing into on the ground of the studio.

Their Characters Have Names

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Peter Cade/Central Press/Getty Images

The makeup and costumes worn by the band aren’t just fun, they’re the embodiment of each member’s character. Each original band member came up with a comic-book type character. Paul Stanley became The Starchild, Gene Simmons became The Demon, Ace Frehley because The Spaceman, and Peter Criss became The Catman.

Simmons said that the band decided to try the stint to get noticed because at the time they were performing in New York, there was a “very big glitter scene” but they wanted to make it more masculine.

There Have Been Ten Band Members

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Like most bands that have been around since the ’70s, the lineup has changed a bit over time. Of the original members, only Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have always been in the band. The other two original members, Frehley and Criss, returned to the band briefly for the 1996 reunion but left again after.

Eric Carr and Eric Singer have both replaced Peter Criss on drums. Frehley has had four replacements with Bruce Kulick and Tommy Thayer being the two that last the longest.

The Band Has Performed As A Trio Twice

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Paul Kane/Getty Images

With so much turnover between guitarists and drummers, it’s no surprise that KISS had to take the stage not once, but twice, with just three members. The first occurred in 1992 when Frehley was just deciding to leave the band.

The second time happened in 2007 when Stanley was abruptly hospitalized before a show and the band decided to play on. That is the only performance Stanley has ever missed in his KISS career.

They Have To Change Their Logo Overseas

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It was guitarist Ace Frehley who came up with the original design for the KISS logo, that including making the “SS” look like lightning bolts. The design seemed harmless until they went to tour in Germany and found out that the SS looks a little too similar to the insignia of the Nazi SS uniforms.

The SS symbol is outlawed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, and Israel. All albums and merchandise released in those countries feature the SS looking like two backward Zs.

Coming up, these are all the band names they considered before landing on KISS.

They Had Many Other Band Names Before Landing On KISS

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Two years before KISS was formed, it was just Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley performing around New York City under the name Wicked Lester. After they added Criss and Frehley to the new lineup, they started spitballing new names.

Frehley liked “Albatross,” Criss suggested “Crimson Harpoon,” and Simmons’ favorite choice was just the F word. Eventually, Criss mentioned his old band was called “Lips” which inspired the new name, KISS.

Paul Stanley Tried To Change His Character

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While most of the original lineup has held true to their original characters, Stanley once tried to switch it up. In mid-1973, Stanley tried to switch things up and take on a character called The Bandit. He did his makeup to look like a black mask was framing his eyes, but unfortunately, he looked more like a raccoon.

He tried to tweak the design to look more like a diamond but it didn’t land with fans and he quickly switched back to being The Starchild.

KISS Had A Strained History With Michael Jackson

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Tim Whitby/Getty Images

For years, KISS and Michael Jackson were on top of the music world in their respective genres. They became so close that when Jackson died, KISS was added to the playbill for the Michael Forever tribute concert.

Within a day though, KISS was dropped from the setlist. Allegedly, it was MJ fans who were outraged by comments Simmons had made including one that said: “There’s no question in my mind he molested those kids.”

They Have Their Own Comic Book

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A band that took on comic-like characters were practically begging to be featured in their own comic book, and that’s exactly what happened. In 1977, Marvel Comics decided to publish a special edition KISS comic book that included comics and band photos.

Of course, KISS couldn’t let it just be a normal book. The cover of the comic alleged that the red ink was printed using real blood from the band members.

No, The Band Name Doesn’t Stand For Anything

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Brill/Ulstein Bild/Getty Images

Over the years there has been one longstanding rumor that says the name KISS is really an acronym for “Knights/Kids In Satan’s Service.” This claim was allegedly created by anti-rock preachers in the 1970s who were trying to convince parents to censor their children’s music.

This single rumor has spiraled into multiple theories of the band name being subliminal messaging, but Simmons has always denied it and stuck to the story.

Gene Simmons Originally Wanted To Be A Rabbi

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Before he was The Demon, Simmons was actually Chaim Witz, the only son of a Holocaust survivor. Simmons was raised in Israel and immigrated to the United States when he was eight. When he was nine, he attended a Jewish religious school and intended to become a Rabbi.

After transferring to a New York public school, Simmons dropped his religious aspirations and fell in love with music after hearing The Beatles.

Simmons’ Signature Song Was Written By Stanley

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‘God Of Thunder” from the Destroyer LP had always been Gene Simmons’ signature song. It’s the song that plays at the point of a KISS concert where Simmons plays his bass solo, spits blood, and will do some outrageous pyrotechnics.

While it may be synonymous with Simmons, it was actually written to be Stanley’s signature song. KISS’s producer didn’t think it fit Stanley’s Starchild image so he made him give the song to Simmons.

Bryan Adams Wrote For KISS

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Before he released his own hits like “Summer of ’69” and “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You,” Bryan Adams was just another songwriter working for a music label. Adams and his musical partner Jim Vallance ended up being sought out by KISS’s producer to work on tracks for the Creatures of the Night record.

Adams and Vallance wrote “War Machine” and Rock and Roll Hell.” A couple months after landing the songwriting gig, Adams released his own LP.

Eric Carr Died On The Same Day As Freddie Mercury

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While the original four members of KISS get the most love from the fanbase, replacement drummer Eric Carr gets a lot of credit too. Carr replaced drummer Criss from 1980-1991. Even his character The Fox was more popular than Catman for some time.

Sadly, Carr’s time with KISS was cut short when he died from heart cancer on November 24, 1991. His death was largely overshadowed though because Queen frontman Freddie Mercury died the same day.

The Album Covers Were Almost Always A Lie

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Ginny Winn/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

If an unknowing fan wanted to know who performed on a KISS album, the last place they should look is the album art. From the late ’70s to the ’90s, the album art was more of a vague “guide” to who actually made the music.

For example, in 1979’s Dynasty, the original four are featured on the album cover but Peter Criss only played drums on one track. Meanwhile, Frehley appears on the cover of both Killers and Creatures of the Night but didn’t record a single track for either.

One KISS Member Wrote A Song For Happy Days

kiss secrets 25

Vinnie Vincent had a short tenure as the guitarist for KISS but he made his mark. Before Vincent joined the band, he paid the bills as a songwriter on television. His most popular songs were written for Joanie Loves Chachi and Happy Days.

While Vincent was definitely talented, he didn’t mesh well with the band. He was a part of KISS’s famous “unmasking” in 1983, but left the band not long after for being too demanding.

They’ve Released Some Outrageous Merchandise

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KMazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Gene Simmons is known for being the mastermind behind the brand’s intense marketing, but some people thought he lost his mind in the early 2000s with some products. It was in 2001 that the world got the KISS cookie jar, the KISS Mr. Potato Head, and even KISS-approved air guitar strings.

None of these were as ridiculous as the KISS Kasket. Simmons marketed it with the saying “I love livin’, but this makes the alternative look pretty damn good.”

Peter Criss Had Some Beef With The Original Members

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Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images

It seemed that all was well in the rock world after the original KISS foursome reunited in the 1990s. That is, until 2004 came and the band didn’t renew drummer Criss’s contract. According to Criss, none of the band members called him or his attorney to discuss continued touring.

Criss wasn’t happy about this and said “as a founding member” he found it to be “disrespectful.” He even speculated that Simmons and Stanley thought he was too old for the job.

One Of Their Original Stage Pieces Is From Frankenstein

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Universal Studios/MovieStillsDB

KISS quickly became just as known for their stage performances as they were for their music, so the band was always making sure to create more elaborate and impressive stage sets. For the early Destroyer tour dates, that meant using the original lightning machine from the laboratory in the 1931 horror film Frankenstein.

It was essentially just a giant Tesla coil that KISS renamed “The God Of Thunder Machine.” Unfortunately, because it was so old, it was unreliable and abandoned halfway through the tour.

They Pride Themselves On Being Kid-Friendly

kiss secrets 29

By the late 1970s, KISS realized they could make much more money if they stayed just PG enough to attract younger listeners. Since then, they have tried to keep swear words out of major songs and release kid-friendly merchandise. They even appeared on an episode of What’s New Scooby Doo?

That doesn’t mean they were always rated PG. In the band’s early days, they were known for their hard-partying lifestyles that included women, drugs, and of course, rock’n’roll.

KISS Helped A Football Team Win A Championship

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In 1975, at the height of their early career, one college football team was struck with KISS fever. The coach, Jim Neff, began playing KISS albums for the team while they were on the bus or in the locker room. It must have worked because the football team won seven games in a row, including their conference championship.

Coach Neff wrote to KISS to tell them this and KISS was so blown away they offered to play a free show on the campus.

Gene Marketed His Face In A Very Unique Way

gene simmons face
David Livingston/Getty Images

Gene Simmons is easily the most recognizable of the group, and used his recognizable face to make a few extra bucks. A marketing campaign was set up for his reality show, Family Jewels, where Gene’s face was plastered on… urinal cakes.

The urinal cakes were also apparently voice-activated and would talk to his fans as they relieved themselves. Not so surprisingly, a number of fans ended up stealing the cakes out of the urinals as a souvenir.

They Took Over The Fan-Made KISS Army

 KISS army
Waring Abbott/Getty Images

KISS has a very passionate fanbase that have followed them since the 70’s. Bill Starkey was one of the most prominent fans, and after attending his first KISS concert, decided to start the KISS army. The goal was to celebrate the band’s music, and not just their crazy antics on stage, and get them played on the radio.

Eventually, he grew the army to the point where he was even able to meet the band, but in 1976, just a few years after starting the army, KISS’s management team would take over the group and Starkey received no compensation for his efforts.

Simmons Doesn’t Even Drink!


Considering the fire-breathing and tongue-wagging Simmons does during a show, you would think he’d get a little parched and would have a drink or two. Well, it turns out that despite his wild lifestyle, Simmons doesn’t drink alcohol or do drugs. He says he stays away from those vices for his mother, who survived life in a WWII concentration camp.

Gene doesn’t hold back about those who drink, and called out his bandmates Criss and Frehley for their drinking, calling them ‘losers.’

You Have To Be Dressed Right To Interview Simmons

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Gene isn’t expecting you to dress in your Sunday best when speaking to him, but there are some pretty obvious things you should NOT be wearing. When Simmons was set to speak with a journalist in South America, Gene requested he take off his shirt.

The journalist was actually wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, so it’s pretty understandable that he wasn’t as willing to do the interview while the journalist was wearing it.

Alice Cooper Inspired Their Look

Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Face paint isn’t easy to pull off in any profession, but who knows what KISS would be if they didn’t decide to paint their faces. The band loved the New York Dolls, but Peter Criss thought that they ‘looked like four old drag queens’ when they tried to pull off their signature look.

Luckily, Alice Cooper came to town and inspired the group to take on a look that no one else was trying in the 70s.

Simmons Has A Unique Relationship With Jiminy Cricket

jiminy cricket
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

We all have our heroes when we’re growing up, but Gene revealed that he idolized Jiminy Cricket as a 12-year-old. When Gene heard Jiminy Cricket say ‘Fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you,’ he completely bought in.

This was a turning point in Simmons life. It instilled a belief in himself that he could be great, and he paid homage to Jiminy when he covered “When You Wish Upon A Star” on his debut solo album.

How Long Is Gene’s Tongue Anyway?

Sergei FadeichevTASS via Getty Images

If it’s not the face paint of the crazy explosions on stage that you know KISS for, it’s Gene’s tongue. There are rumors all over the internet, like how his tongue is actually just a cow’s tongue grafted onto his own.

That seems like a bit of a stretch, but there are also rumors that his tongue is 7 inches long, but the record is just under 4 inches long, so that doesn’t hold up either.

You Should Probably Bring Some Earplugs To Their Concerts

Brill/ullstein bild via Getty Images

While it’s no surprise that a KISS concert can get loud, you might want to bring a pair of earplugs the next time you see them in person. During a performance in 2009, the band played at 136 dB’s, which was 46 dB’s or 32 times louder than the festival limit of 90 dB.

For comparison’s sake, a thunder clap or a chainsaw is about 120 dBs, while an aircraft carrier deck is about 140 dBs. At 150 dB’s your eardrum will rupture.

Paul Stanley Loves Smashing Guitars

paul stanley smash
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you’re going to rock as hard as KISS, you had better put on a show. Pyrotechnics are nice, and fire breathing is cool, but sometimes a simple guitar smash will do the trick.Well, apparently Paul Stanley got a little carried away during the USA/Europe tour, and managed to smash over 200 guitars over the 57 shows.

During that same tour, KISS played in front of 42,000 fans in Anaheim, which was their largest crowd ever at that point.

Gene Has Been With A Lot Of Women

gene simmons family
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation

It’s not uncommon to hear about rock stars sleeping with any number of partners, including multiple in one night. Before marrying his now-wife Shannon, who was a Playboy model, Gene had been rumored to have slept with over 4,800 women.

Before Shannon agreed to marry Gene, she demanded that he burn his collection of polaroids that proved just how wild his days in KISS were.Apparently, the bonfire at their house went on for days.