Man Tries To Renovate His Basement And Uncovers 200 Feet Of Ancient History

Every now and then you stumble upon a discovery that shatters your mind. It’s kind of crazy to know that there are STILL thousands of ancient sites that have yet to be discovered. With that being said, the likelihood of actually stumbling on one is slim to none.

But, this is a story about a man who did just that. He was just a Turkish family man looking to expand his house and make room for his relatives. A modest man with a modest income. What he would find on the other side of his house walls nestled in a small Turkish town would change his life forever.

Just Your Everyday Basement Renovation

house house
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The man that we’re talking about wanted to stay anonymous since the story has made worldwide news. He couldn’t afford to bring someone in to renovate his house, so he decided he would just do it himself.

He began working from his basement floor and planned to take down one of the walls in order to build an extension from there. It would make more room for his relatives to live with him.

Something Amazing Was About To Happen

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As he began to chip away at the wall, he noticed something weird. He thought that there would be some rock or sediment behind it, but that’s not at all what was there.

His jaw dropped when he found a dark room that had been tucked away for thousands of years. He didn’t know what to do, and in fact, his first thought was that he was kind of disappointed there was no treasure.

Should He Keep It A Secret?

underground city 3
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He didn’t know what any of this meant. Should he keep this a secret and only tell his family? Or should he tell the authorities about his findings? Well, he ended up contacting the Turkish Antiquities authorities.

What they found was that this room was much more than just a space with rock walls around it. What the man found would stand as one of the largest ancient discoveries of all time.

The Style Of House Is Common

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It’s very interesting to note that even historians don’t know the name of the man who found this “room”. He lives in an ancient village in Turkey and had a house made of old white stone.

This style of house was very similar to the surrounding homes in the village. But, unlike the rest of his neighbors, his house was hiding a huge secret. A secret that would shake the little village to its core.

Something Suspicious About The Wall

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When asked about what originally caught the man’s eye as he started knocking down his basement wall, he said that the wall started chipping and he kept seeing holes.

He didn’t expect to be able to see on the other side of his basement wall so easily. One of the most startling parts for him was the cold air that was shot out every time he would break another piece of rock off of his wall.

Knocked Down The Wall

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He eventually knocked the entire wall down and saw the open room. It was dark. It was cold, and he was incredibly creeped out by it. To examine it further, he grabbed a flashlight and went in without telling his family.

He really didn’t know what to expect. He entered the room very slowly because he was worried about poisonous snakes and spiders that often frequent the village he lives in.

He Carried On

cave man
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Despite how scared he was, he continued on. The man was shocked when he saw that it wasn’t just a single room. There was a tight hallway that seemed to be leading to an unknown destination.

The hidden site under his home looked to be a concealed hiding spot for something or someone. There were many of these hidden sites around Turkey, but he had never seen one with the potential to be so spacious.

The Room Wasn’t Natural

underground 8
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He knew that this was part of ancient history. He knew that he had stumbled on something special. He just wasn’t sure what it was yet.

This room certainly wasn’t natural. He could tell by the smoothness of the walls that they were man-made. It must’ve been from thousands of years ago because it was sloppy, yet sturdy. Despite how dark the room was, he had no choice but to keep exploring.

A Man In Complete Darkness

fireplace 9
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He felt like he was in a bad horror film, like someone was just going to jump out and grab him, never to be heard from again. The only light in the tunnel was his flashlight.

As he kept moving, he noticed another hole in the wall in front of him. The opening was barely big enough for one adult to go in and walk through. But he decided to squeeze through nonetheless.

He Was In Shock

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The corridor suddenly turned into a set of stairs. So, he walked down the stairs, keeping his head down to avoid smashing it on the top of the rock, and was in shock.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The stairs that he had been walking on probably hadn’t been used in thousands of years. With every step, he was making history. He was sent back in a time capsule to his ancestors.

A Never-Ending Maze

cave maze 1
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The deeper he went, the more he realized just how big this site was. While he was very excited, he was also worried that the rock would collapse suddenly, or he would get lost.

He felt as if he was in the middle of a never-ending maze. At this point, he had spent hours examining the several different rooms and hallways until he decided to head back up to his house.

Nevsehir Province

bench way
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As soon as he made it out, he knew it was time to call the Turkish Antiquities Authority. There was no way that he was going to be able to keep this ancient tunnel a family secret.

What makes this story so much more interesting is where it was discovered. The Nevsehir province of Turkey dates as far back as 6th century B.C and is filled with lots of ancient history.

Surveying The Area

houses in mountains
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Nevsehir is located in the Anatolian plateau and is dry and rarely gets any rain. Surrounding the area is a landscape of volcanic peaks. Residents of Nevsehir are surrounded by a total of 14 volcanoes.

Perhaps the man’s strange discovery could be connected to the multiple volcanoes that the region is known for. As soon as the authorities were notified about the secret lair, historians were all over it. They couldn’t get there fast enough.

Who Lived There?


In 1600 B.C the area was inhabited by Anatolian people called Hitties. Hitties built an empire on the plateau which eventually fell and was taken over by the Persian Empire.

According to the Biblical book of Acts, ancient Jewish people also lived in the area. With that being said, it was still very unclear who built these underground temples. But, it was still very obvious that they did so for a reason.

Thought It Was A Myth

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What the man had found was one of the greatest discoveries of all time. Historians couldn’t believe what they were seeing. To them, this man, who remains unknown, is basically a superstar.

The historians were able to confirm that the hidden rooms, hallways, and stairwells were part of the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu. Before this discovery, many of the same historians thought that this underground city was just a myth.

The Bill Gates Of Their Time?

hole hole
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Derinkuyu dates all the way back to the 7th and 8th century B.C and is believed to be built by the Indo-European people called Phygians. These people were obviously revolutionary for their time.

They’d be the Bill Gates or the Steve Jobs of their generation. Okay, I don’t know about that, but I can only assume. I mean, a full underground city? Are you kidding? That’s incredible for their time.

A Place To Hide From The Volcanic Eruptions

deeper into the ground
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There are many theories about how this subterranean city was built. Since discovering the city, historians worked day and night to try to come up with a logical theory of how it all worked.

While some believe that the city was built underground in order to act as a shelter from natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, others believed it was supposed to protect them from alien invasions. Both are legitimate.

Run From The Aliens

Stairs Stairs
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No one wants to face the wrath of some volcanic lava flying at you. And no one wants to have to battle an alien that flew in on a tricked out UFO either.

In a Zorostrian text, it is suggested that the city was created under the direct order of the God, Ahura Mazda, in order to protect the civilians from the terrible winter storms. All of these theories seem reasonable enough.

200 Feet Deep

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At this point, archaeologists had completely taken over the site. They made sure that they flipped every stone and explored every single corner of the maze. They quickly figured out that the site was larger than anyone had imagined.

It actually descended 18 stories, and a total of 200 feet total. Think about that for a second. The random Turkish man, who wants to remain unknown, just changed the world.

Put It Into Perspective

urat Oner Tas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

He accidentally discovered one of the biggest ancient underground humanmade sites in the world. All he wanted was a simple basement renovation. Historians estimated that the city could have held up to 20,000 people comfortably.

That’s an astounding stat. Think about all the big arenas you’ve been to that hold 20,000 people. Now put all those individuals into an underground city. The context adds so much more of a “wow” factor.

Both Above And Below

underground sand
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Despite knowing how many people could potentially be down in the underground city, they still didn’t know who was living there.

After some more time, the historians concluded that Derinkuyu was built sometime in the Byzantine era. The city was both underground and above ground, so it acted as a shelter in case of an emergency. At that time, there was a lot of war, so the underground city acted as an escape.

400 Years Of War

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Arab-Byzantine wars continued for 400 years and caused a great amount of damage. Fed up with the loss of most of their provinces in the south, the Byzantine areas that remained dug deeper and deeper in order to build their shelters.

It’s a pretty smart and dedicated decision to build an entire city underneath your city in order to protect your civilians. That would catch anyone by surprise at the time.

Still Safe After Destruction

undergournd thing
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During times of war, the residents of the town ran into their underground shelter for safety. Since all that these people knew was a life filled with war, they were always on edge and ready to retreat to their secret lair.

There was no peace. Four generations of Derinkuyu people lived in a perpetual state of war and never understood true peace. Everything above ground was demolished, but all of the residents were still safe underground.

100 Secret Doors

hole in the ground
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It would always confuse the Arabs who could never understand how all of the residents were never in the village when they would come by. The people of Derinkuyu miraculously survived the wars thanks to their underground shelter.

Researchers found out that there were actually 100 secret doors that led into the site. The entrances were purposely well-hidden, making it difficult for the invaders to ever find them. It’s genius.

It Was Easy To Defend

pilar pillar
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Sometimes the invaders would find a secret door. But, the engineering that went into building the narrow hallways meant that the soldiers would have to go one at a time.

This meant that the defending soldiers had a very easy time defending any of the entrances. There were no large hordes that could pass through and take over the entire complex. It was an enemy killing ground for anyone who entered.

The Hidden Boulders

crazy rock
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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that security and defense of the underground city was the top priority. It was strategically laid out so that each floor was attached by stairs in a hallway.

As I mentioned before, if you were able to get through one single-file hallway, you probably weren’t going to survive the next one. There was also a big boulder nearby that would close off the entrance if they needed to.

18 Stories Is Pretty Darn Big

looks like urinals
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Not only would those boulders lockout an intruder, but in some cases, it would trap them which would ultimately give them some enemy intel.

If anyone was able to penetrate the underground city, there were many other escape exits that could be used. Or, if it wasn’t a big breach, they could just flee to a different floor. If you think about it, 18 stories is very big, leaving plenty of room to hide.

The Ventilation

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Each hidden entrance to the city was hidden well behind bushes and walls. When it was necessary, the residents had to squeeze their livestock through the small openings in order to make the upper city look completely abandoned to their invaders.

The ventilation system would also allow smoke to escape. Electricity was obviously not around, so they had to resort to torches which meant they needed a sound way for smoke to leave.

It Was A Functional City

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The city had wine cellars, storage rooms, stores, and churches. It allowed the residents of the city to live pretty normal lives.

They stored their most important religious artifacts in the very bottom of the city in order to protect them for as long as possible. Religious classes and services were also held in the basement of the, uh, underground city. They weren’t the only ones doing it in the area.

We May Never Know

Ismail Duru/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

There were nearly 200 other underground cities that Derinkuyu was connected to. This meant that in case of an emergency, there were many escape routes.

These underground cities are now used as a tourist attraction to the public. To this day, historians still come to this site to try to figure out who really built it. At this point, they may never know. There are still parts that need to be explored.

Now, read on for a story about an American man who found something crazy in his home after he noticed two odd circles on the wall.

Man Makes Unusual Discovery After Noticing Two Mysterious Circles On Wall


In 2011, a man who owned a storage unit decided to drill a hole in the wall of the structure after noticing something unusual. During the process, he posted a video of the project on YouTube under the name “cyrex686.” The YouTuber had discovered two odd-looking round things on his wall and wanted to investigate.

He explained, “I, er, noticed that there were these things down here… circular, whatever.” He proceeded to hammer on one of them, and it sounded hollow. So he decided to drill a hole in it. He discovered something quite strange when he took out the drill and started the process.

A Secret Passage?


When he used the drill on one of the holes, he discovered that the circular area was in fact a wooden plug. He was easily able to pop the plug right of of its spot on the wall. In the video, cyrex686 points out that the circular hole wasn’t exactly what he thought it would be.

“I thought it was just like two big pipes here, but it’s not. It actually turns out that entirely behind this wall here is another like secret passage or something,” he explained. “Which I think I can enter through this hole I’ve started up here.”

A Look Inside


According to the YouTuber, the building he was using was originally a century-old industrial property. Over the years, it had been altered to accommodate numerous commercial units. So who wouldn’t be intrigued upon finding a secret compartment?

And who could resist the temptation? Cyrex686 noted, “Our best guess is it was sealed off in the 1980s.” When the YouTuber shined a light into the space, he was unable to see very much. But there was no way he was going to stop there. He was compelled to open it up and get a better look to see what was inside.

No Permission Granted


Cyrex686 didn’t own the building in which he rented the storage unit. He really had no business using a hammer to drill a hole into the wall of the structure, and he never really explains in the video what compelled him to start dismantling the wall.

You can’t help but wonder if anyone in the vicinity ever heard him drilling down there. But for some reason, his curiosity was so strong that he was forced to continue the project. He and a few of his friends got together, and they popped out the circular plug so they could finally see what was inside the wall.

The Big Reveal


After all the drilling and built-up anticipation, it was the moment the YouTuber had been waiting for: a look inside the mysterious wall. He finally got inside and discovered that behind the wall was a room. The reveal was a big deal, and people who watched the video (over 4 million!) had all sorts of ideas about what the room’s purpose may have been.

They speculated on who may have built it and what its original use was. They also had some ideas about what it could be used for in the present time. Some of the online comments were quite incredible, while others seemed to make sense.

Hide & Seek


A user named CrafterBox had one of the most popular comments about the secret room. He suggested that it would be an excellent way to win a game of hide and seek. He wrote, “You should put a painting over the big whole [sic]. You would be unbeatable at hide and seek.”

Most people would never expect an individual to hide behind a painting, so that would probably work. As long as he or she was stealth enough and quick enough to remove and replace the painting while silently slipping into the secret room behind them. And they weren’t afraid of the dark.

A Hidden Torture Chamber?


But not everyone thought the hole would be great for fun and games. People let their imaginations run wild about its purpose. Some had some fairly macabre ideas about what the room was originally created to do. A few suggested that it may have been a hidden torture chamber.

Perhaps it contained human remains inside? It could have been used by a serial killer or another nefarious person to do evil things out of the public’s view. Others believed it may have contained a supernatural being that was released after cyrex686 and his buddies inadvertently let it out when they opened up the wall.

Don’t Trust Your Friends


People on YouTube had great fun with the mysterious room behind the holes. A user named Bud Watson, who must be a very paranoid individual, suggested that it would behoove cyrex686 to be very careful about the people he surrounds himself with because you never know if you can trust someone 100 percent.

He wrote, “From that point on, you found out that those guys were not really your friends. When you had reached the end of the room, you turned around as you saw your friends plugging the hole up.” Hopefully, if this happened, it would just be a joke and they’d let him out!

Another Theory about the Room’s Purpose


Then there were people who took the concept of the secret room to a whole other level. Because, after all, if no one knows about the room, all kinds of things can take place there — even things that aren’t culturally acceptable.

A user named Louie Alouie criticized people for their lame ideas and suggested that the room was used by a deviant. He wrote, “People have the stupidest ideas of what this room really is. It’s obviously a room used to fornicate with goats.” And while his comment may seem disturbing, it received over 100 recommends from the YouTube community.

A Drug Cave?


Still, others had even more theories about the room’s purpose. Several people got behind the idea that it was created to produce illegal marijuana. User PoolBoysTX12 commented, “What you just stumbled upon is a hidden Hydro Cannabis Grow room.”

You can almost imagine a row of grow lights in the room and dozens of plants along the floor. No one would have any idea that it even existed. One could easily slip in and out of there without anyone suspecting what they were doing. Even if that wasn’t the room’s purpose, some believed it would be a good route to follow.

The Pieces Are All There


The theory that it could be used as a grow room had a bit of plausibility. PoolBoysTX12 added, “Vent shaft for squirrel fan to move the air out. The metal plumbing was used for hydro phonics [sic] watering system.”

If an individual did want to grow marijuana in a room like that, a hydroponic system would necessitate ventilation and irrigation in order to work properly. Plants need oxygen, water, and light in order to grow and thrive. Savvy marijuana producers have been known to grow their product in spaces such as this using minimal resources. And they’ve been successful.

A Pulley System for Lighting


It may seem like setting up lighting would be a problem in a secret room like this, but PoolBoysTX12 had that figured out too. In his mind, he noticed a pretty ingenious way a user may have gotten light to the plants to keep them healthy.

He explained, “The pile of wood with the rope was used for a weight for lowering the lights to plant level. Look at the corner of that room, there is a small pulley system.” We have a feeling that PoolBoysTX12 has quite a bit of knowledge about illegal marijuana growth. Perhaps he has some first-hand experience?

Hydroponics Theory Shot Down


PoolBoysTX12 also added, “I would be surprised if you researched your address with police records and didn’t see a drug case. Good luck…” A bunch of people online got very excited by the theory that the secret room had once been a drug den.

There was something fantastical about it being a hydroponic grow room, and the idea seemed quite believable. Yet, once again, while the idea was interesting it wasn’t the room’s true purpose. “Everyone wants it to be,” wrote cyrex686. “But it never was.” So what exactly was the purpose of the mysterious room? Would an answer ever be revealed?



People were stumped. The room had not been used for illegally growing marijuana, playing hide and seek or fornicating with animals. It was not a secret torture chamber used by serial killers or other nefarious people. Cyrex686’s friends did not play a joke on him and push him inside and plug the hole back up again.

While the room didn’t have anything to do with hydroponics, its purpose did involve water. Several YouTube users suggested it involved a septic tank, and they were pretty close to guessing the truth. However, they didn’t quite hit the nail on the head.

Chemical Storage Theory


After all the speculation, cyrex686 had his own theory about the room’s purpose. And because he was actually inside the room and was able to walk around it, take video, and inspect it himself, it seems like he would probably have the clearest idea about its purpose.

He wrote, “I think it was for liquid chemical storage. There are hookups on the outside next to the rail spur line used to supply the factory that was here before.” And while his theory seemed to make sense, he wasn’t 100 percent correct about its true purpose. But he got a little help from those online.

A Water Cistern


Don’t forget, the building was originally a century-old industrial property before it had been converted into commercial industrial units. So it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that the room had originally been used for storage. Several commenters pointed out that the room was indeed a storage tank.

However, it wasn’t used for waste or chemicals. They believed it was probably a water cistern. In all likelihood, it at one point held a reservoir of water, similar to a well. In the past, before pipes were used to supply water, cisterns aided in capturing rainwater from the roof.

Old Technology Vs. New


In order to get the water into a cistern, a system of gutters and downspouts directs rainwater from the roof into the storage area. A cistern is typically located underground, or in this case, in a hidden room. A cistern may be constructed of various materials, such as cinderblock, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, fiberglass, or steel.

A cistern delivers water to a household through the plumbing. The cistern cryex686 found could technically be repaired and used again. And while that seems like a neat idea, who wants to rely on old-fashioned technology when modern amenities are available? And why spend the money?

Another Secret Room


While cryex686 decided not to attempt to get the cistern system operating again, he did not simply leave the room alone. In fact, he made some changes and shared that information with the YouTube community a few years later after he posted the original video.

He responded to one of the commenters, “It’s been a few years since I made this video. I found another secret room next to the original secret room. I was thinking of showing what I’ve done with the room since then… And the secret passageway, I found, which I’ve not gotten into yet, but found the entrance.”

Questions Remain


Cyrex686 made the follow-up comment in 2016. That means he had five years to turn the original room he found into something special. As for the second secret room, he has yet to reveal what it looked like or what its purpose was. And what about the secret passageway? Was he ever able to get inside of it?

Maybe he’s being a little secretive because he doesn’t really want people to know what he’s using the secret room for. Perhaps he got some ideas from the YouTube community and is too embarrassed to let anyone in on his little secret.

Mystery Solved … Sort Of


It’s interesting to note that just a little bit of curiosity, and the discovery of odd-looking round circles on a wall, led to such a big investigation and eventual conclusion. Not only was cyrex686 caught up in the hype of his own adventure, but those who watched his video were also taken for a ride.

And while the answer to the secret room was not the most romantic or macabre, it did reveal a little bit of history. And the mystery remains because we’re still not sure about the second secret room or its corresponding secret passageway. Perhaps we’ll never know.