This Abandoned Paris Apartment Tells A Story Dating Back To WWII

The chaos of WWII resulted in thousands fleeing their homes in Paris. Germans invaded the city in 1940, forcing innocent civilians to head south and out of the military occupation zone. Only able to bring what they could carry, many left their furniture and other belongings behind in the destructive hands of the war.

One of these unfortunate individuals was none other than Madame de Florian, the granddaughter of a famous socialite. Upon her passing, Madame’s family came to discover that her Paris apartment was still intact and riddled with vintage items that revealed unknown truths about the family’s past.

Time To Say Goodbye

A crowd of people gather in front of the Eifel Tower in the 1930s.
Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images
Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

WWII tensions heightened after Germany invaded Poland in September of 1939. France anticipated that crisis might strike, leaving many intent on leaving their home country. The need to leave became evident on May 10, 1940, when the attack finally arrived.

France had already declared war on Germany shortly after they invaded Poland, a French ally. After becoming defeated, refugees fled the country to avoid the German takeover. Madame de Florian was only in her early twenties when this occurred.