Lost Items That Turned Up In The Most Peculiar Places

We’ve all lost stuff in our lifetime that we’ve never expected to get back. Usually, it’s socks, hair ties, or coins and when they’re gone we just kind of sigh and accept the fact they’ve gone into the ether. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes things turn up when and where you least expect them.

Here are some lost items that were rediscovered by their owners in the strangest places. These things prove that the “what once was lost now is found” Amazing Grace lyric is actually talking about that pair of reading glasses you lost under a couch cushion.

The Reading Glasses That Were Gone For Two Years But Were Really “Car”efully Hidden

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Photo Credit: topredditbot / Reddit
Photo Credit: topredditbot / Reddit

When this guy went to get his car repaired he was expecting to lose a lot of money, but what he didn’t expect was to gain back the reading glasses he lost two years ago! That’s a service fee we wouldn’t mind paying.