The Complicated Life Of Errol Flynn

Born in Tasmania in 1909, during the Golden Age of Hollywood, Errol Flynn became one of the most recognizable movie stars in the world. Best-known for his roles as a suave swashbuckler, his good looks and charisma made him one of Warner Brother’s most popular talents. Although Flynn may have been at the top of the Hollywood totem pole, not everything was as it seemed. There was a darker side to Flynn that involved countless women and a destructive hedonistic lifestyle. See the person Errol Flynn really was, and how his pedal-to-the-metal outlook on life led him to an early grave.

Trouble From An Early Age

Flynn school picture
Evening Standard/Getty Images
Evening Standard/Getty Images

Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania on June 20, 1909, and after spending some time in Papua New Guinea, he returned to Australia in 1926, to attend a fancy grammar school.

Nevertheless, that didn’t last all that long as he was expelled from the school. This was his first real encounter with public controversy, something he would become very familiar with in his professional life. While some stories claim that he was expelled for stealing, Flynn boasted that he was kicked out of the school for having intimate relations with a school laundress.