You Won’t Believe How Much These Grandchildren Look Like Their Celebrity Grandparents

While families may not always pass down heirlooms or traditions, one thing that can’t be helped being passed down is intergenerational resemblance. For the most part, certain traits both tangible and intangible are often passed down to younger generations. When placed side by side, these traits become obvious and it’s clear that two people are related.

Sometimes, individuals pass on the traits that helped them achieve success to younger generations. Here is a list of grandchildren who look like mirror images to their famous ancestors.

Arthur Donald: Grandson Of Paul McCartney


Another grandchild that looks like their grandfather Paul McCartney is Arthur Donald. If you didn’t know that he was the grandson of the legendary musician, you still might find him looking oddly similar. When placed next to his grandfather, it’s apparent who he takes after.

Donald is the eldest grandchild of Paul McCartney through McCartney’s daughter Mary. Considering that Arthur is currently an undergrad at Yale University, chances are that paying such a steep tuition won’t be an issue being of McCartney’s blood.