Fascinating Facts About ‘The Partridge Family’ Star Susan Dey

At 18 years old, Susan Dey became one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. She kicked off her career by playing Laurie on The Partridge Family, and later, she starred in L.A. Law. For decades, Susan Dey was a household name.

Whatever happened to Susan Dey? How did she go from a model with no acting experience to a crime drama staple? If you want to catch up with the famous actress, look no further. Here are some fascinating facts about Susan Dey.

She Got In Through Modeling


Unlike most other actors, Susan Dey didn’t start her career through theater or commercials. In 1968, her stepmother Gail submitted modeling photos of Susan and her stepsister to a New York modeling agency. Susan briefly modeled before running into ABC producers.

Because of her modeling, Susan was chosen to play Laurie on The Partridge Family. She was only 17 years old with no prior acting work. However, she would quickly gain hands-on experience through her leading role in the show.