The Life And Accomplishments Of John Singleton

Best known as the director of Boyz n the Hood, John Singleton left a monumental mark on Hollywood during his time in the film industry. His most impactful films are recognized for their insight on poverty, racism, and inner-city violence, aiding in opening the eyes of the public to many social issues. Now let’s take a more in-depth look into the life and career of John Singleton and how he was taken away from us far too soon.

He Cast Iconic Rappers For Several Roles

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

For many of his films, Singleton was known for casting hip-hop musicians and rappers. With his help, artists such as Busta Rhymes, Tupac Shakur, and Ice Cube, got their start in the film industry. On the Queen Latifa Show in 1999, Ice Cube expressed his generosity towards the director for helping him break into the industry.

He said that Singleton brought him in for a screen test to see his acting chops before hiring him for the role of Doughboy for the film Boyz n the Hood. He would later go on to star in Singleton’s Higher Learning, along with numerous other films without Singleton.