No Prisoners! An Inside Look Into The Making Of Lawrence Of Arabia

Released in 1962, Lawrence of Arabia is a British historical epic based on the life of T.E. Lawrence, a British writer, diplomat, archaeologist, and army officer. He is best remembered for his participation in the Arab Revolt and the Sinai and Palestine Campaign against the Ottoman Empire in World War One. Starring Peter O’Toole as Lawrence, the film was nominated for seven Academy Awards at the 35th Academy Awards, winning seven, among several other accolades. In the following years, it has been deemed one of the most influential films in cinema history for its scale, score, cinematography, and character analysis. See why this film is described as nothing short of an epic.

Peter O’Toole Wasn’t The First Choice To Play Lawrence

O'Toole in costume
Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Although few people could imagine anyone other than Peter O’Toole mounted on a camel as T.E. Laurence, he wasn’t the first or even second choice! Initially, the role was offered to Hollywood legend Albert Finney. However, he turned it down because he thought the film would be a flop.

The character of T.E. Lawrence was then pitched to the budding Marlon Brando, who turned it down too, as well as Psycho star Anthony Perkins. Little any of them know the success that the movie would see.