Only People Who Lived During The 1950s Can Pass This Music QUIZ

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Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images
Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images

In the 1950s, the world — and especially the United States — was experiencing a period of great transition after World War II. The optimistic outlook and social structures in the United States were reflected in the music at the time, with artists like Bing Crosby and styles such as Swing and Doo-wop. It was also during this time that music began to evolve and develop, giving birth to genres such as Rock and Roll and Rockabilly, as well as an overall change in popular music. The 1950s were an extremely influential decade in music history and a lot happened to make music what it is today. Do you think you remember it all? Take this quiz to find out!

What genre of music did Elvis play?

Which musician was blind since the age of seven?

Who sang the hit song “A Change Is Gonna Come”?

Which artist was referred to as “The Cry Guy” and “The Prince of Wails”?

What was the term given to male singers who were backed by a piano, a full orchestra, or a big band?

Who was known for their pop-influenced covers of classic Rythm and Blues songs such as “Two Hearts” and “Ain’t That A Shame”?

What was Bo Diddley’s real name?

Who hosted the show American Bandstand?

Who was famous for the song “Splish Splash”?

How did Buddy Holly die?

Who is credited with coining the term “Rock and Roll”?

Who sang the song “The Fat Man”?

Who popularized the four-man group and made guitar the lead instrument in Rock and Roll music?

Who sang the song “Tutti Frutti”?

What were Frank Sinatra’s die-hard fans called?

Which artist was nicknamed “The Killer”?

What song played in the opening credits of “The Blackboard Jungle”? The movie’s premier is credited with kicking off the Rock and Roll era?

Who originally wrote and recorded the song “Johnny B. Goode”?

Which female country singer’s single was the first to top the U.S. country charts?

In which year did Buddy Holly first appear on television?

Which musician was involved in a marriage scandal involving their first cousin?

What is the combination of Rock and Roll and Country music called?

What was Muddy Waters’ real name?

Who performed numerous shows around prisons in the United States?

Who covered the song “White Christmas” in 1950?

What is Chubby Checker’s real name?

Who was known as The King of the Stroll?

Who recorded the song “Great Balls of Fire”?

What was Harold Lloyd Jenkins’ stage name?

Who originally recorded the hit track “Shout”?

What genre of music did The Penguins play?

How many vocalists have there been in the history of the Drifters?

What were the first names of the Everly Brothers?

What was the original band name of the Coasters?

What was the Chordettes biggest hit song?

What group released the track “Only You” in 1955?

Which song made Paul Anka a celebrity?

What was the name of Bill Haley’s band?

Who was nicknamed “the King of Cool” and was a member of “The Rat Pack”?

Which female country singer turned pop artist died in a plane crash?