Photos Of The Old Wild West You Have To See To Believe

Living in the Wild West was an intense experience. There were frequent gunfights, saloons were everywhere, and the men wore crazy mustaches. Fortunately, we still have some unbelievable pictures from those bizarre days in the 19th century. Wait until you meet some of the most colorful characters and hear about the ordeals people had to endure in the Wild West.

Abducted In New Mexico

Photo credit: marco fidel / Pinterest
Photo credit: marco fidel / Pinterest

When Santiago McKinn was just a young lad, he and his brother were out in Mimbres Valley, New Mexico. His brother was killed and McKinn was stolen by the Chiricahua Apache people. Legend has it that General George Crook came to rescue the boy but that he didn’t want to go back to his family.

You won’t believe what happened to a young girl named Olive Oatman. Her unbelievable story is coming up.