Photos Of The Old Wild West You Have To See To Believe

Living in the Wild West was an intense experience. There were frequent gunfights, saloons were everywhere, and the men wore crazy mustaches. Fortunately, we still have some unbelievable pictures from those bizarre days in the 19th century. Pictures that won’t change the way you think about how the West was won, but they will make you appreciate that much more. Wait until you meet some of the most colorful characters and hear about the ordeals people had to endure in the Wild West.

Missions That Carried A Legacy

Photo credit: city planning / Pinterest
Photo credit: city planning / Pinterest

This Mission Church was built in 1630. It is one of the earliest signs of the Spanish Colonial era. Located in New Mexico, this church is on the small side but is still impressive. You can still visit it today if you’d like to experience some history.

These sites are steeped in history, and it’s incredible to see what they looked like trapped in time in a picture like this. You can even see people walking around the mission, going about their everyday lives.