Rare Vintage Photos That Take You Back To Life In The ’70s

Do you remember what it’s like to live during the ’70s? Whether you were just a kid or beginning your life as an adult, you’d probably remember these moments from that ever-changing era. From an oil crisis to President Nixon’s resignation, there were certainly a lot of events that made the 1970s a tumultuous time. But still, there were the simpler moments and the joys of television and music that make us nostalgic for that time. We’ve collected memories from the ’70s, captured in rarely seen photos. You may recall these historical moments, but you haven’t seen them like this!

Good Humor Ice Cream Trucks

Walter Leporati/Getty Images
Walter Leporati/Getty Images

Throughout the ’70s, kids loved getting a treat from the Good Humor ice cream truck. These kids in the Queens borough of New York are gathered around the Good Humor Man on a nice summer day in July 1970.

Good Humor has been satisfying the neighborhood’s ice cream cravings since 1920. In 1976, Good Humor sold its fleet of trucks in order to focus on distributing to grocery stores. But for kids in the ’70s, nothing was quite the same as chasing down the ice cream truck.