Who Your ’90s Crush Ended Up With (Instead Of You)

Does your middle school crush ever cross your mind? What about your ’90s celebrity crush? Melissa Joan Hart, Drew Barrymore, and everyone’s favorite Pink Power Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, made hearts race in the romantic comedies and iconic ’90s TV shows. So who exactly did they end up happily ever after with? Sorry to ruin your dreams as we look back on the most popular ladies of the ’90s and who they’re with now.

Saved By Tiffani

Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank

Tiffani Thiessen was one of the most adored high school students in the ’90s. She starred as Kelly Kapowski, attending Bayview High on NBC’s Saved by the Bell. She has had good looks since she was young which is probably why she won the Miss Junior America pageant when she was just 13. Who’s the lucky guy who ended up with her?