Behind The Scenes And Facts Of ‘Father Knows Best’

Since it released in 1954, Father Knows Best became the mold for modern sitcoms. Even after the show ended, it continued to air on primetime and appeal to families everywhere. Throughout the decades, cast and crew have revealed some fun, surprising facts about the sitcom.

Even die-hard fans might not know about the episode created for the U.S. government, or which parts of the set were real home appliances. If you’ve ever enjoyed Father Knows Best, check out these behind-the-scenes facts about the historic show.

Jim’s Character Was Much Different In The Radio Show

The radio version of Father Knows Best was much darker than the TV show. Jim Anderson acted far more rude to his family, often calling his kids names. For instance, he once said, “What a bunch of stupid children I have.” He also told Bud to, “Go jump in a lake.”

Jane Wyatt and Robert Young in promo shot for Father Knows Best
MovieStillsDB/Father Knows Best
MovieStillsDB/Father Knows Best

Jim also had a sarcastic mood, which spread throughout the entire family. At the time, his domineering behavior was typical of radio show characters. In contrast, Margaret acted as the paradigm of patience and reason, with rare exceptions.