From 8-Tracks To i-Tunes: Your Favorite 70s Child Stars, Then and Now

Ah, the ’70s. The hair was long, the carpet was shaggy, and the lingo was “groovy.” Back in the days before DVR and Netflix, watching television was more of a family affair. Every family had their favorite, whether it was “The Brady Bunch,” “Happy Days,” “Good Times,” or “What’s Happening”. Those familiar with these ’70s shows know just about all the episodes by heart, as well as all of the child stars involved.

Nowadays, some of these stars are virtually unrecognizable. Who do you remember? Let’s check out what these actors did back then, and what they are up to now.

Helen Hunt – Then

Acting since the age of eight, Helen has been in the spotlight all of her life, it seems. She enjoyed a fantastic television and film career through her teens in shows like “Amy Prentiss” (1974-75), “Swiss Family Robinson” (1975-76), and “The Fitzpatricks (1977-78),” as well as films like Rollercoaster in 1977.

Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images
Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

“The Swiss Family Robinson” followed the survivors of the shipwreck stranded on a volcanic island. It ran for 21 episodes.