Forgotten Shows Of The 1960s

Each decade, television shows come and go, with some leaving a more significant mark than others. While some older shows remain popular and continue to be played as reruns today, that’s not the case for many of them. Although some shows have their moment in the limelight, most don’t make it past the first season or two and are eventually overlooked altogether. These are the shows from the 1960s that were slowly forgotten. Do you remember any of them?

The !!!! Beat Was The Original MTV

The !!!! Beat was a syndicated 26-episode music television show in syndication in 1966. The program was hosted by Nashville-based disc jockey Bill “Hoss” Allen. The show also featured a house band led by Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and was recorded in color at WFAA, the ABC affiliate in Dallas.

Band on stage

They did this because none of the Nashville stations had color facilities while the Dallas one did as well as recorded and syndicated episodes of the show.