Amazing Austin Powers Facts That Really Bring The Mojo

After taking a two-year hiatus from Saturday Night Live, Mike Myers came back full-force in 1997 when he created one of the most iconic comedy movies of all time. The premise of a time-traveling secret agent who is as “randy” as he is cunning might seem a bit too bizarre for mass appeal, but the movie worked.

The three Austin Powersmovies in total grossed over $670,000,000 worldwide, which goes to show how well audiences responded. Although we may feel like we know the series by heart, many stunning revelations have come out about all that went on behind the scenes. We’ve compiled them for your reading pleasure. Wait until you learn what Mr. Bigglesworth’s real name was.

Mike Myers Is A Genius, But You Knew That


Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

While it may seem like a lot of thought and creativity went into the first Austin Powers, that turns out to not be the case. Mike Myers came up with the character Austin Powers while he was driving home and listening to Burt Bacharach’s “The Look Of Love.”

He thought about where all the swingers of the world went off to, and he asked his wife if she ever swung. She told him to record that idea, and he wrote the first Austin Powers movie in less than three weeks.