VHS Tapes That Are Now Worth A Fortune

Before DVDs and streaming services people watched movies & TV shows on Video Home System (VHS) tapes. The first tape was created by the Victor Company of Japan in the early 70s, but they weren’t released in America until August 23, 1977.

After its arrival in the United States, VHS tapes became the most popular media platform of the 80s and 90s. Since these tapes aren’t made anymore, some people were smart enough to hold on to this outdated piece of technology. These VHS tapes are now worth a lot of money.

Check Your Storage For An E.T. Tape

Disney films and rare horror films appear to be the VHS tapes that are worth the most. One of Steven Spielberg’s most memorable films was 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. This was Drew Barrymore’s first major film role and was included on famed movie critic Roger Ebert’s “Great Movies” list.

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

A limited edition black and green tape of the movie is now worth about $2,000. For most of the 1980s people usually paid about $50 for VHS tapes, so that seems like a fortunate return on investment.

Star Wars Fans Should Pay Attention To This One

Star Wars is still one of the most popular franchises on the planet. Since the movies were first released in the 1970s, there are a few that were turned into VHS tapes.

Lucasfilm/Twentieth Century Fox
Lucasfilm/Twentieth Century Fox

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi were grouped together to form a VHS trilogy. The 1997 gold edition is now worth around $145.

The Legend of Hillbilly John Lives On

Inspired by an Appalachian folk tale, The Legend of Hillbilly John is a mix of horror, fantasy, and drama. This 1972 movie includes a wandering singer coming face to face with a monster-like bird creature that takes him back in time to meet the devil. There’s also some witches and voodoo magic mixed in as well.

Two’s Company
Two’s Company

The movie might’ve not been everyone’s cup of tea, but those who purchased the tape are in luck. Currently, it has an estimated value of around $1,100.

Lemora, Lady Dracula Has Conflicting Reviews

Beside from Disney movies, many older horror films are one of the most sought-after VHS tapes by collectors. When Lemora, Lady Dracula was first released in the early 1970s it had mostly negative reviews for its low budget quality.


It wasn’t until the 1990s when film reviewers had a sudden change of heart saying that it took an original spin on traditional vampire movie clichés. This rare VHS tape is now worth about $1,000.

Everyone Wants To See 101 Dalmatians

Another fan favorite Disney movie is 1961’s 101 Dalmatians. The infamous Cruella Deville is no match for the adorable dalmatian puppies as she attempts to use their fur for coats. So many people watched the film that it inspired a good number of sequels and live-action remakes.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

For someone looking to buy the original tape in good condition, they would need to spend around $7,000. One of its sequels called Dalmatian Vacation is worth $300 on VHS.

Thomas & Friends Is One of the Longest-Running Kids Shows

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, now known as just Thomas & Friends, has been on TV since 1984 with new episodes still airing today. It started becoming popular with young children after the episodes were put on VHS tapes that they could watch at any time.

Clearwater Productions
Clearwater Productions

The show released around 100 episodes on tape and now they are collectible items. These vintage tapes are now available for purchase for about $200 each. Make sure to check the tapes’ condition first.

The Beatles Say Farewell in Let It Be

The Beatles made a few films based on their songs, but 1970’s Let It Be was more of a music documentary of them making what would be their last album. It even ended up winning a Grammy and Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Apple Corps
Apple Corps

This is a must see film for any fan of The Beatles. Current owners of the VHS version of Let It Be should rejoice because four decades later, it’s now worth about $200.

Disney’s Most Expensive Film Was The Fox and the Hound

Some Disney films aren’t as successful as others, but all of them are still filled with beautiful animation and toe-tapping songs. At the time The Fox and the Hound was Disney’s most expensive film to make at a total of $12 million.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

If fans of the film were fortunate enough to snag a 1994 VHS Black Diamond edition, it’s now worth quite a bit. The highest amount people are selling this particular tape is around $25,000.

Aladdin Stays Popular Three Decades Later

It’s been almost 30 years since Disney’s Aladdin premiered in theaters. The movie has been turned into a Broadway show and will also have a live-action remake with stars like Will Smith playing the Genie. Some of Alan Menken’s most popular songs were included on the soundtrack such as “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World.”

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

For those that are looking to sell their copy, they should make sure they have the Black Diamond edition. One tape is even going for over $1 million on eBay.

Disney Collectors Need This Edition of Beauty and the Beast

Some of Disney’s most catchy tunes can be found in 1991’s Beauty and the Beast. Famed musician Alan Menken had many iconic songs included in the film like “Be Our Guest,” “Gaston,” and of course “Beauty and the Beast.”

beauty and the beast vhs tape
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

Collectors who own the Black Diamond edition of the Beauty and the Beast VHS tape may need to sit down to see how much it’s worth. A quick search on eBay lists the tape at $13,500.

Did You Grow Up With Barney?

There’s only one famous talking purple dinosaur. Barney was a children’s TV sensation during the 1990s known for going on adventures with his friends. This educational program taught young kids about many different subjects through song and dance.

Lyons Group
Lyons Group

Before it started airing on TV, some straight-to-video tapes were released. Since the footage from these tapes is so hard to find, many collectors can make a fortune on them. For example, a sealed copy of Barney: Waiting for Santa is worth $120.

Only Prince Charming Can Afford Cinderella’s Prices

One of Disney’s most classic princess films is 1950’s Cinderella. It’s hard to forget about a girl getting wishes from a fairy godmother, arriving at a ball in a pumpkin, and having Prince Charming find her glass slipper.


Disney viewers of all ages had the opportunity to see this magical film on VHS, especially during its Black Diamond release. If someone has both the black diamond and masterpiece edition it can equate to a sum of $12,000.

Almost No One Can Find The Dark Planet

Fantasy and comic book artist Richard Corben directed the 1989 horror and sci-fi film The Dark Planet. This anthology features a monstrous beast who tries to avenge his best friend’s murder by confronting a master computer. Something unique about the film is that there is almost no dialogue.

Richard Corben
Richard Corben

This low-budget film is almost impossible to find. Those who want to get their hands on an original VHS copy must be willing to spend around $250.

Hold on to Those Old Wrestling Tapes

It’s mostly Disney and horror films on VHS that hold the most value, but old wrestling tapes also go for a lot of money. Many matches were filmed for Pay-Per-View on TV and subsequently released on VHS.

wcw bash at the beach
Elsa Hasch/Allsport/Getty Images
Elsa Hasch/Allsport/Getty Images

Particular titles such as the WCW Bash at the Beach (2000) can sell for a lot because the match was thrilling among wrestling fans. Since it was Hulk Hogan’s last WCW appearance, that tape can now profit at least $1,500.

The Best Way To Watch Sleeping Beauty

Almost all Disney movies that came out during the twentieth century ended up on VHS. In order to get them to sell more copies, limited and Black Diamond editions were produced. Those who watched the Disney movies on VHS as a kid sometimes prefer to rewwatch on the same format as adults.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

When revisiting a movie as nostalgic as Sleeping Beauty, there are still some VHS copies left up for sale. The limited edition version from 1997 can go as high as $15,000.

Have You Ever Heard Of Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills?

Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills is a mix between horror and comedy that stars Beverly D’Angelo, Aron Eisenberg, and Brion James. When a paleontologist finds a dinosaur egg it leads to a witch doctor cursing his wife to turn into a pterodactyl.

Troma Entertainment
Troma Entertainment

While it had a limited theatrical release in 1996, it was out on VHS the next year. The critical reception included reviews about how it was unfunny and poorly written. Even with the negative response the tape is worth about $300.

Journey Into The Beyond Is Beyond Valuable

“Not just another movie … It’s another world” is this 1975 film’s tagline. Narrated by David Carradine, the famous martial artist/actor, Journey Into the Beyond is a documentary that takes its viewers to some really dark places. Voodoo, ritual sacrifices, “bare-handed surgery,” and exorcisms are all explored.

VCH Home Entertainment
VCH Home Entertainment

Today, a good-condition VHS copy of Journey Into the Beyond can be worth a whopping $1,100. This is despite the fact that much of the video’s content is available for free on YouTube.

The Godfather Films All in One Place

Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, and many other famous actors had some of the best roles of their careers in The Godfather trilogy. Francis Ford Coppola wrote and directed these iconic mobster films where people still repeat some of the lines to this day.

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Fans of the franchise were able to purchase the trilogy in a limited edition gold and black VHS set. For just $300 people can own this rare box set that includes re-edited versions of the first two films.

We Hope You Held Onto ‘Bambi’

As we’ve seen, Disney fans who held onto their VHS movies are being handsomely rewarded today! Here’s another classic Disney flick making the list of most valuable VHS tapes to have. The Black Diamond edition of Bambi is highly sought after by collectors and can fetch upwards of $550 today.


This tearjerking movie about a young deer growing up in the forest was originally released in 1942 and has remained a favorite ever since.

Get The Lion King Experience On VHS

After The Lion King was released in 1994 it instantly became one of the most successful Disney films. Elton John’s original music mixed with the colorful animation of the African savanna and lovable animal characters were enough to inspire numerous sequels, remakes, and even a hit Broadway musical.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

People who want to experience the magic of The Lion King on VHS are in luck. There are thousands of copies available to purchase online. The Black Diamond edition runs for $20,000 at the most.

Snow White Is Over 80 Years Old and Worth Thousands

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney’s first feature-length animated film. Even though it was released in 1938, new generations of Disney fans have watched it on various media platforms over the years.

rare vhs tapes

When Disney released their collection of VHS tapes, many of them were given a Black Diamond status making them extremely valuable today. Sites like eBay have this particular tape listed for almost $8,000. Someone would need to get their hands on a poison apple to afford these prices.

Rewind For an Undersea Adventure in The Little Mermaid

If someone is trying to sell their old VHS tapes it’s probably best if most of them were Disney films. Many are now worth thousands. The Little Mermaid was released in 1989 and did extremely well on VHS.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

Alan Menken’s gorgeous music paired with the stunning animation of undersea life drew in viewers by the millions. If someone owns an unopened Black Diamond edition VHS that’s in perfect condition, it can be sold for around $37,500.

‘Sisters Of Blood’ Comes With A Warning Bell!

Gimmicks sell, which might explain why the film Sisters of Blood on VHS is now worth around $800. The tape’s cover advertises that it’s “the video with a warning bell! When it rings – close your eyes if you’re squeamish!”

American International Pictures/Cinépix Film Properties Inc.
American International Pictures/Cinépix Film Properties Inc.

There might be a good reason for a warning bell, as this flick was originally released as Cannibal Girls in 1973. There’s plenty of gore to be squeamish about. This movie starred someone who’s now a household name — comedic actor Eugene Levy!

You Were Smart If You Held Onto Dumbo

Dumbo was Walt Disney Productions’ fourth-ever animated film. It was released in theaters in 1941 and was a huge hit with kids and adults alike, and was later chosen for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

In 2019, director Tim Burton released a live-action version of the classic animated Disney film Dumbo. The live format didn’t sit well with many fans of the original. Perhaps nostalgia for the film explains why VHS copies of Dumbo’s Black Diamond Edition can sell for $700 or more!

‘Betrayed’ Will Bring You $1,200

The 1988 thriller/drama flick Betrayed starred Debra Winger and Tom Berenger. It tells the story of a radio personality whose death is investigated by the FBI, which believes a group of white supremacists are responsible.

MGM/Universal Artists
MGM/Universal Artists

The film’s budget was around $19,000,000 and it only fetched $25,816,139. Despite this, and despite the fact that it received mixed reviews from critics, VHS copies of Betrayed can fetch up to $1,200 these days. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

‘Song Of The South’ Is A Surprisingly Shocking Disney Flick

While there are plenty of other Disney movies on this list, Song of the South stands out because it is entirely racist. Although the film won the Oscar for Best Original Song (“Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,”) the film itself has been widely criticized for its content and Disney tries to keep it out of the public eye.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

Medium describes it as “the film that so universally known as racist that Disney itself has buried the film for the past 30 years.” That might be the reason that a VHS copy of Song of the South can sell for as much as $200.

Halloween Brings More Treats Than Tricks

1978’s Halloween is one of the most famous slasher movies in film history. The John Carpenter-directed classic that tells the story of serial killer Michael Myers is now a massive film franchise that was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

Compass International Pictures
Compass International Pictures

All of this makes it unsurprising that VHS copies of the original Halloween have a pretty high resale value. Some copies have been known to sell for nearly $300.

Farewell Africa, A ‘Shockumentary’ That’s Worth A Shocking Amount Now

This 1966 Italian film is a “shockumentary” depicts the end of the colonial era in Africa and includes real footage of the Zanzibar revolution. That event, which took place in 1964, took the lives of between 5,000-20,000 Arabic people. The film is also known by its Italian name, Africa Addio, and its US title, Africa Blood and Guts.

Techno Film
Techno Film

Farewell Africa‘s official tagline is “The most startling motion picture achievement in the history of movie-making.” It’s now worth $700 on VHS, if you happen to have a copy laying around.

Ever Heard Of ‘The Love Butcher’?

If you’re a fan of slasher films and happened to hold onto your copy of the 1975 flick The Love Butcher, you might have a little payday coming. VHS copies of the movie have been known to bring in up to $150. It’s not exactly enough to retire on but is a lot more than the original purchase price!

Desert Films
Desert Films

The reason for The Love Butcher‘s relatively high resale price is probably its amusing premise. One line from IMDB’s plot synopsis says, “Of course, it isn’t Caleb doing the killing, but rather his second personality, a confident, handsome younger brother named Lester who Caleb turns into when he dons a toupee.” We’d watch it!

A Beast Of A Resale Value

A lot of kitschy horror movies appear on this list. Anthropophagus, the Beast, is the next one we’ll discuss. This Italian horror flick, released in 1980, has a loyal fanbase. It’s been described as having “a noted place in the annals of the escalation of gore.”

Filmirage/Produzioni Cinematografiche Massaccesi International
Filmirage/Produzioni Cinematografiche Massaccesi International

The movie was also co-written by two esteemed horror screenwriters, Joe D’Amato and George Eastman. Today, VHS copies of Anthropophagus, the Beast, can sell for upwards of $600.

Hunt For A Copy Of ‘The Devil Hunter’

The Devil Hunter was released under several titles including The Man Hunter and Mandingo Manhunter. Its writers and directors both worked under pseudonyms for the gory 1980 horror film that was later banned in the U.K. One critic said it was a “horrible, trying piece of dreck that should have remained legendary and lost. That said, it’s pretty fun stuff.”

Eurociné/J.E. Films/Lisa-Film
Eurociné/J.E. Films/Lisa-Film

Perhaps the film’s notoriety explains its current resale value. People with a good-condition copy of The Devil Hunter can expect to receive around $800 for their VHS tapes.

Sam Raimi Directed ‘The Evil Dead’

Horror fans recognize The Evil Dead as an absolute classic and a must-see for anyone who loves the genre. Stephen King, the master of horror, called it “The most ferociously original horror film of 1982.”

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

The Evil Dead was written and directed by the now-well-known Sam Raimi and spawned a franchise which includes two sequels, comic books, video games, and a television series. Mint condition VHS copies of the flick have been known to sell for around $150.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Is Worth A Ton Today!

In 1996, Disney released The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was its 34th animated feature film. It was a commercial success, bringing in $325 million worldwide despite being considered one of Disney’s darkest movies.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

There was a sequel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, released in 2002 that went straight to video. Today, VHS copies of the original movie sell for a pretty penny, with some going for upwards of $1,500.

This Is One Window You Might Want To Keep Open

Don’t Open The Window is yet another horror flick that was released with multiple names (15 of them, actually!). Other English titles include Let Sleeping Corpses Lie and The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue. It’s a 1974 Spanish-Italian science fiction zombie movie that was released in the U.S. a year later, in 1975.

Hallmark Releasing Corp./Ambassador Film Distributors
Hallmark Releasing Corp./Ambassador Film Distributors

Peter Dendle, the author of The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, said it was “perhaps the best zombies in a year of very good zombies.” VHS copies of Don’t Open the Window now resell for a whopping $1,000!

This Movie Could Help Fund A Vacation

The original 101 Dalmations animated film was first released by Disney in 1961. It was later reinterpreted as a series. Dalmatian Vacation, which aired in March of 1998, is the three-part series finale of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

VHS copies of Dalmation Vacation have held their value surprisingly well. If you have a Black Diamond Edition to sell, you can expect to receive around $300. That kind of dough could help you fund a mini-vacation of your own!

Night Ripper Has A Surprising Star

Night Ripper is a horror/slasher film that was first released in 1986. It follows the story of a maniac who stalks and kills fashion models. Although its description doesn’t sound like it has the makings of a timeless classic, it does have an actor who went on to become pretty famous a few years later.


The movie’s star, Larry Thomas, went on to play Yev Kassem. If you don’t recognize that name, you probably know him better as the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. Thomas won an Emmy Award for that role. As far as Night Ripper, anyone who has a VHS copy of it was smart to hold on. A good condition tape is now worth about $800.

The Legend Of An $1,00 Payoff

The cover of this film almost resembles a scene from Game of Thrones. But this movie came many years before the hit HBO series. Released in 1972, The Legend of Hillbilly John follows “a wandering ballad singer in the Appalachians meets an ugly bird-type creature, is transported back in time, finds himself involved in the Devil’s work.”


Despite its devilish description, the film kept a G rating. Today, anyone with a mint condition VHS copy should be glad they held onto the movie, as they can fetch upwards of $1,000~

Diggin’ Up Dough With This Movie

This 1990 movie has an intriguing plot, outlined by IMDB. “After her Grandfather goes on vacation Tesia (Lynn-Holly Johnson) discovers that the number of bodies buried does not match the number of corpses her Grandfather registered with the state.”

Monarch Home Videos
Monarch Home Videos

Fans of Diggin’ Up Business can expect to dig up quite a bit of dough with their good-condition VHS tapes. They’ve been known to fetch up to $600 or more! That’s pretty good business.

‘The World’s Weirdest Movie’

This might have been a low budget flick when it was first released in 1967, but VHS copies of Dr. Terror’s Gallery of Horrors can now resell for around $400. This is a 1967 anthology film based on stories by Russ Jones and directed by David L. Hewitt.


Because of the title’s similarity to another, unrelated, movie, it was released under multiple names: Return from the Past, Alien Massacre, Gallery of Horror, The Blood Suckers, and The Witch’s Clock.

Lady Dracula

Here’s another one that was released under multiple names. Lenora the Lady Dracula is also known as The Legendary Curse of Lemora, Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural, and simply Lady Dracula.


It was made by UCLA film school graduates and released in 1973. Lenora is a young girl who has to return to her hometown to visit her father, who’s dying. While there she encounters evil in the form of witchcraft and vampirism. People who held onto this tape can expect to receive about $1,000 when reselling.

Happy Meal Toys That Are Now Worth A Small FORTUNE

You’d have to spend quite a bit of time looking to find someone who HASN’T eaten a McDonalds Happy Meal at some point in their life! Along with the perfectly portioned Chicken McNuggets, fries, and milk cartons comes a toy. Some kids even seem to like the toy more than their meal.


And now there is also an online market where toy collectors can swap and sell Happy Meal toys for ridiculous amounts of money. After reading this list, you may want to go through your kids’ toy chest to make sure you aren’t sitting on a pile of money!

Mr. Potato Head Kids

Did you know that Mr. Potato Head had children? Neither did we! In 1987, McDonalds sold a line of miniature Mr. Potato Head dolls in their Happy Meals. They were incredibly popular at the time, so some people even made daily trips to the Golden Arches to try and collect all twelve of the designs!


While this may have done some damage to their waistlines, it certainly won’t hurt their pocketbook! Those who have managed to hold on to a full set can make up to $75 selling them on Ebay! Not bad for a toy that’s actually pretty fun to play with!


Now this is an image that’s hard to get out of your mind! Despite their creepy eyes, constantly matted fur, and hard bodies that made them IMPOSSIBLE to cuddle with, Furby toys were beloved by 90s kids across the United States. But no one imagined that they would be quite as popular as they are now!


If you’ve happened to save ALL of those old stuffed dolls that you collected in your McDonalds Happy Meals, you can expect to make quite a fortune off of them. A set of eighty recently sold on Ebay for $900! Now that’s a really nice payday!

The Lion King II Plush Toys

Let’s be honest… everyone LOVES The Lion King. So, it only follows that these plush toys offered by McDonald’s were super popular when they were released in the 1990s. However, they’re pretty rare nowadays!


IF you can manage to get your hands on one, expect to pay $50 apiece. That may seem like a lot of money to spend on a stuffed animal, but true Lion King fans with enough disposable income to spare will happily shell out all that cash! Sometimes, collectors just have to take on a “Hakuna Matata” attitude! If you want one of these dolls — No worries! Just be prepared to pay.

Beanie Babies

In the early 2000s, McDonalds delighted countless children by offering TY Beanie Baby toys in their Happy Meals. At the time, experts claimed that these adorable stuffed animals would be worth quite a bit of money one day, but it’s hard to believe that they could have predicted their value today!


To get your hands on a set of four McDonalds-branded Beanie Babies, you can expect to shell out over $400. Want to become the proud owner of a very rare Beary The Bear? You’ll need $750! That’s some serious cash for a stuffed animal (albeit a cute one)!

Yo Yogi Dolls

We aren’t exactly sure WHY these toys are so popular, given that the show they were based on, Yo Yogi, was considered a flop, yet they certainly are! For just $100, you can own one of these cute figurines and add it to your very own collection.


That’s pretty affordable, at least compared to some of the items on this list! Yogi Bear lovers everywhere will want to get their hands on these, though — so act fast! You’re most likely to be successful in an auction if you use the “Buy It Now” option. It costs more, but you’re guaranteed a win!

Food Transformers

Back in the 1980s, McDonald’s offered these strange little toys as prizes in their Happy Meals. With a little tugging and pushing, kids could transform these figurines of cheeseburgers and french fries into dinosaurs and robots.


Despite the relatively simple nature of these little toys, they were wildly popular! They aren’t quite as expensive as some of the other items on this list, but they are still pretty darn valuable! For about $50, you can become the proud owner of a few of these toys. Who knows — holding onto them for a few more years could increase their value even more!

Despicable Me II

The Despicable Me movie franchise has won the hearts of people nationwide in recent years. After all, it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with those adorable minions! When Despicable Me II was released in 2013, McDonald’s designed a set of minion-themed toys to offer in their Happy Meals.


Given the popularity of the franchise, there’s no surprise that these little hunks of plastic are quite valuable today! For about $120, you can get your hands on this figurine of the minion Jerry breakdancing. If you’re a mega fan, this is definitely a great steal!

Madame Alexander Disney Dolls

When a little girl couldn’t convince her parents to buy her an American Girl doll, she could usually be consoled with a figurine from Madame Alexander. These toys, offered in McDonalds Happy Meals, often came with a theme.


This specific set, made to look like different Disney characters, costs $130 on Ebay nowadays! That’s quite a bit of money for a toy that was likely nothing more than a passing childhood fancy! Check your toy box — you may have one of these dolls laying around! Of course, some people thought these dolls were creepy, so it may be that you pitched them just as soon as you finished your fries.

Halloween Buckets

In the 1990s and early 2000s, McDonald’s delivered their Happy Meals in glow-in-the-dark Halloween themed buckets each October. These probably cost the company fifty cents each to make, but they’re now worth more than $100 on Ebay!


Honestly, the likelihood of someone having these laying around their house is a bit higher than it would be for some of the other toys… these at least have a purpose. It may be worth taking a trip out to the garage to see if you’ve been using them to store odds and ends! Bonus points if they still glow in the dark!

Inspector Gadget

Everyone knows and loves the clever investigator known as Inspector Gadget! His fun stories and constant adventures made him a huge part of pop culture in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. We’re pretty sure that every little kid once dreamed about opening their own detective agency.


But, if you’re looking to get your hands on this limited edition Inspector Gadget Happy Meal toy, you better be willing to shell out upwards of $350. For true fans, though, this is likely just pennies in the proverbial bucket. Sure, you may have to take out a loan, but Inspector Gadget just might be worth it.

50th Anniversary Snoopy Figurines

If it’s available in a museum, you KNOW it’s gotta be valuable! These 50th Anniversary Snoopy Figures were available in Happy Meals in the early 2000s, but they are now highly sought after by collectors all around the world.


If you’re looking to get your hands on a set of these fun plastic creations, be prepared to shell out (Get it? It’s a “Peanuts” pun!) up to $100 EACH. That’s some serious cash for simple little figurines, but if you’re a major fan of the Peanuts franchise, it may be worth it! To each his own!

Fraggle Rock

From 1983-1987, there was a British and American TV show that focused on the interconnected lives of several zany characters from the Muppets. It was called Fraggle Rock, and while it wasn’t wildly popular, the McDonalds Happy Meal toys based on it sure were!


For $200, you can get your hand on the complete set of four figurines, but they’re rather difficult to find. Because these toys are so old, they’re pretty rare! But, if you’re committed to it, we’re sure you can find them! Just be sure to check Ebay often and be prepared to bid high.

Muppet Babies

In the 1990s, McDonalds started offering adorable Muppets-themed figurines for the prize in their ever-popular Happy Meal toys. Given the mass fame of the Muppets franchise, it makes sense that these toys were in hot demand.


Still, we have a hard time believing that they are selling for over $50 on Ebay these days! That’s pretty impressive considering they’re just simple chunks of plastic. So, it may be worth taking a look in your kids’ toy closet next time you need to make some cash! We’re sure Ms. Piggy and Fozzie Bear will forgive you!

Clone Wars Box

Would you believe that this simple cardboard box is worth $50? It is themed after the Star Wars: Clone Wars series. Happy Meals were packaged in this box following the release of the popular TV series in 2008 and 2009, but it is still making the rounds on the internet.


If you’re the kind of person who holds onto old pieces of trash (but who IS that kind of person, really), then you can turn some serious profit by putting these puppies up for sale on Ebay! As it turns out, Star Wars fans are VERY committed to continuing their fandom.

Sky Dancers

Every little girl has fond memories of opening up their Happy Meal box to receive a beautiful Sky Dancer toy or two. With just the push of a button, they could send these sweet whimsical dolls flying and spinning into the air, for a few seconds at least!


Nowadays, these are selling for $50 on Ebay, but they’ll go for even more if you happen to have them in their original packaging. Now that kind of cash is every little girl’s dream come true (even if it means having to part with these super glittery and whimsical toys)!

101 Dalmatians

In 1996, Disney released the 101 Dalmatians movie to the silver screen. It was MUCH more successful once it came out on VHS tape (Throwback Thursday), but nothing could stop the popularity of the corresponding McDonalds figurines.


People lined up in droves in order to get their hands on the complete set of 101 unique and masterfully-crafted figurines. Nowadays, a complete set is selling for $100-$200 on Ebay, but you can still get a few bucks if you’ve only kept one or two. Given the classic nature of the film, though, we predict these toys will only go up in value!

Space Rescue Toys

At a brief point in the 1990s, there were no major movies in the theaters and no hotshot shows about to be released on TV, so McDonald’s had to come up with their own idea for a line of toys. They created a “space rescue” themed set, yet they seemed to have absolutely no purpose.


They don’t move, hold anything, or even help you play a game. Yet, if you’ve managed to keep track of these useless chunks of plastic, you can profit $100 off them online. We don’t totally understand this, but we certainly wouldn’t mind the money!

Madame Alexander Alice In Wonderland Dolls

It seems like almost every little girl wanted a Madame Alexander doll at some point or another. However, they were quite expensive! So, McDonald’s attempted to lower these costs by featuring the dolls as toys in Happy Meals! At one point, they specialized the line by offering an adorable Alice in Wonderland theme.


Nowadays, selling just ONE of these dolls can earn you up to $300. That’s a great payday, considering the little toys are small enough to fit right in the palm of your hand. Of course, you may love going down the rabbit hole a bit too much to part with your dolls — that’s understandable, too!

Deiner Keishi

No one really knows what these toys are supposed to be, but everyone knows that they’re worth some SERIOUS cash! Rumor has it that they are meant to be underwater aliens, but you would have to ask an expert on 1970s pop culture to know for sure.


Today, one of these figurines sells on Youtube for $400! That’s pretty remarkable for a toy that no one seems to know anything about! They are incredibly rare, and only one full set has ever been found online. So, if you happen to have these in your basement, it’s time to log into Ebay. You’re sitting on a goldmine!