An Abandoned Farmhouse On Long Island Sat Untouched For Forty Years… Until Now

Every house has a story to tell. Some houses greet guests and families with those stories on a day-to-day basis. Others sit untouched for years, waiting for their stories to finally be told. The house you’re about to learn about had to wait 40 years for someone to listen.

That person was Bryan Sansivero. He was given special permission to enter the abandoned house and document its history. What he found will surprise you, just like it surprised him when he stepped foot inside for the first time!

A Step Back Into Time

photo credit: Bryan Sansivero
photo credit: Bryan Sansivero

Bryan Sansivero, who specializes in photographing abandoned places, was surprised that the farmhouse was so well-concealed from the public eye. “It’s amazing how hidden the home was. It was surrounded by a busy community,” he shares. “Many people here had no idea the house even existed.”

He also says that this site felt more like stepping back into time than any other house he’s explored. To see more photographs of this amazing abandoned farmhouse, continue reading!

The property has a surprising connection to a famous poet!