This Abandoned House Is A Time Capsule Of Virginia In The 1950s

When homes are no longer used, most are torn down and replaced with a modern house. Some remained abandoned, but even fewer keep their owner’s belongings for decades after they lived there. The Virginia Flower House is one of those houses.

Photographer Bryan Sansivero captured images of the home’s furniture, decorations, wallpaper, and family photographs. Nothing teaches people more about a prior era than seeing it for themselves. Discover the reality of America’s tense and prosperous decade through this Virginia home.

Hidden In The Brush

Abandoned house sits among the trees.
Photo Credit: Bryan Sansivero
Photo Credit: Bryan Sansivero

In July 2019, photographer Bryan Sansivero captured photos of an abandoned house in Virginia. The home’s beds, furniture, decorations, and family photos were all left behind. The house is a time capsule peeking back at the 1950s.

After World War II, the American economy flourished. Citizens enjoyed a wealth of new technology and entertainment. Rock ‘n roll, TV shows, and hot cars were all the rage. This house’s owners earned enough money to afford these benefits.