Ancient Mysteries That Still Have Scientists Scratching Their Heads

Scientists and researchers are constantly making new discoveries about the past. Whether they are unearthing ancient artifacts or finding lost texts, these findings help us get a better idea of what actually happened and what life was like so long ago. While we have a very basic idea of what has occurred throughout history, for the most part, many things about our world and the history of our species remains a mystery.

These amazing discoveries from the ancient world still stump scientists today. See what makes them such incredible pieces of history.

The Underground City Of Derinkuyu

Located in Nev┼čehir Province, Turkey, Derinkuyu is an underground city used by inhabitants of ancient Anatolia to hide from invaders. After a series of volcanic eruptions, the inhabitants realized that it had softened the stone which allowed them to essentially carve an entire underground city into the hillside.

Earth Ancients/YouTube
Earth Ancients/YouTube

The city is eighteen different levels and is estimated to have had the capacity of housing up to 20,000 people relatively comfortably. Within the city, researchers have found houses, bathrooms, kitchens, food storage rooms, churches, school, and just about anything a population might need to survive. The complexity and detail of the underground system still baffle researchers today.