Eerie And Incredible Coincidences In History

Sometimes you and your friend give your dogs the same name. What a coincidence! Other times, three political leaders who caused the deaths of millions of people live in the same city at the same time. These historical coincidences aren’t just amusing: they’re eerie.

Separated twins who live the same lives, an Edgar Allen Poe book that mirrored a future event, and Founding Fathers who both died on the same Independence Day–these are just some of the incredible and shocking coincidences throughout history. Do you believe they’re chance, or something more significant?

Abraham Lincoln’s Son Was Bad Luck For Politicians

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth US President with his youngest son Thomas 'Tad', William 'Willie'',, his eldest son Robert, and the First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.
Stock Montage/Getty Images
Stock Montage/Getty Images

Robert Todd Lincoln, the oldest son of President Abraham Lincoln, was a distinguished politician. In 1864, he fell in between a moving train and a platform. The man who saved him was John Wilkes Booth, who would murder Robert’s father several months later.

Later, in 1881, Robert Lincoln walked along Sixth Street in Washington, D.C. with President Garfield, where he saw Charles J. Guiteau shoot the president. In 1901, Robert attended President William McKinley’s speech in New York where Leon F. Czolgosz shot McKinley twice.