Facts About The Mythological Lost City Of Atlantis

There are many myths floating around about the lost city of Atlantis, not to mention all of the pop culture references to the Utopian society. Plato started the tale way back when, and ever since, scientists and conspiracy theorists have tried to piece together all of the tales surrounding the mysterious underwater city.

Since there is no true historic evidence, we can only imagine what Atlantis looked like, how the people acted, and how it came to be and ultimately how it disappeared in one night. After centuries, there are a few facts that people can seemingly agree upon.

Atlantis Was Frist Described By The Greek Philosopher, Plato

Atlantis Was First Described By Greek Philosopher, Plato
Prisma/UIG/Getty Images
Prisma/UIG/Getty Images

The first mention of Atlantis was by the Greek philosopher Plato. The island first appeared in two of his dialogues written around 355 B.C. titled Timaeus and Critias. Many believe the myth was made up by the philosopher to help illustrate his theories about politics, as one of the stories centers around a cultural and political confrontation that ultimately led to war between Atlantis and Athens.

According to Plato, Atlantis was governed by a constitution similar to that in The Republic, and Poseidon protected the island and made his son, Atlas, its king.