Explore These Haunting Abandoned Military Bases From Around The World

Armies spend millions of dollars on bases, bunkers, and forts. But when a station is abandoned, all that money goes down the drain. Often, these shelters remain abandoned as a haunting reminder of the wars they survived.

From America to Russia, these military bases were left to rot. Some were located in the midst of battles while others were used for training and/or weapons testing. Check out these haunting photos of forgotten army bases along with their stories.

Devil’s Slide Bunker, California, USA

Tourists visit the abandoned bunker at Devil's Slide, CA.

In San Mateo County, California, an abandoned military base sits on top of a dangerous cliff. The bunker, called Devil’s Peak, got its name from the 30 to 50-degree inclines of the coastal cliffs that surround it. Devil’s Peak was designed to shoot down enemy aircraft during World War II.

Soldiers assigned to Devil’s Peak kept a lookout for Japanese ships with their advanced radio tower. During the Cold War, a private owner bought Devil’s Peak, and he planned a project for it that wasn’t completed. Nobody inhabits the bunker today, as it is hard to even get to.