How People Saved And Earned Money During The Great Depression

On October 29, 1929, otherwise known as Black Tuesday, the United States experienced a devastating stock market crash. This signaled the beginning of the Great Depression, a severe worldwide economic depression that began in 1929 and lasted through most of the 1930s. This incident greatly affected both rich and poor countries, with the United States experiencing unemployment of up to 23% at its peak. During this time, many people’s lives were turned upside down and they had to scrape by just to stay alive. Learn how people made the most of the little money they had and the creative ways they made it through this difficult period in history.

They Didn’t Pay For What They Could Do Themselves

Man washing using a bucket
Three Lions/Getty Images
Three Lions/Getty Images

Today, many people are willing to pay some extra money for services instead of doing things themselves. This is either because they’re unwilling to learn or they don’t think they have enough time. Whether it’s getting their oil changed, hiring a maid, or paying someone to maintain their property, during the Great Depression, these were luxuries that few people could afford.

In order to save every penny, you can bet that they did any tasks they could do themselves. Luckily, in the modern era, people have the benefit of the Internet to learn how to do tasks that they might otherwise feel are out of their skillset.