Incredible Photos That Remind Us Of History’s Forgotten Moments

Did you know that Elvis invited himself to the White House while Nixon resided there? Or how about 15 years later, when in the same house, John Travolta would share a dance with Princess Diana? Lots of unexpected moments like these have occurred and history has almost forgotten them, but we’re here to remind you. Take a look at history’s forgotten moments! You’ll never guess how Freddie Mercury returned on stage for encores in 1980.

Albert Einstein Gave A Lecture At An HBCU In The ’40s

In 1946, Albert Einstein visited Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University, the first historically black university to grant college degrees. The undisputed genius was ahead of America’s own Civil Rights Movement and deplored racism as a “disease of white people.”

During his visit, Einstein received an honorary degree and treated students to a lecture on relativity. Unfortunately, this historic moment was widely ignored by the mainstream press, who turned a blind eye to the physicist’s fraternizing with people of color.