The Most Intense Spy Missions In Military History

In the movies, spies take on some really daring missions and rarely seem to think twice about how poorly it could all end. In real life, these missions typically aren’t anything like they appear in James Bond films. Military spy operations take loads of planning and strategic action. There have been many interesting examples of amazing covert activities throughout history, involving forces all over the globe. As you read on, you’ll learn about some of the wildest spy missions ever.

A Navy Commando Ran Weapons Through Greece And The Balkan Peninsula

william donovan
MPI/Getty Images
MPI/Getty Images

Jack Taylor, often referred to as America’s first Navy SEAL, assisted in the Office of Strategic Services in the Balkan Peninsula. When this was his post, he and his troops managed to survey enemy troops and supply positions.

Taylor would resupply friendly forces and did night time raids thanks to the intel he reconnoitered. They almost caught him three times, but he escaped each occasion. Major William Donovan recommended that Taylor get a service cross for his efforts.