PHOTOS: Inside James Madison’s Montpelier Estate

Fourth President of the U.S., an architect of the Constitution, co-founder of the Democratic-Republican Party–James Madison’s credentials cement him in American history. Madison’s Montpelier estate still stands tall today, and employees at the property worked tirelessly for years to restore it and make it appear as authentic as possible.

Montpelier keeps artifacts over 200 years old, such as a love letter penned by James Madison and a functioning grandfather clock. Within its walls lies artifacts from the enslaved community, old bedrooms, and an engraving of the Declaration of Independence. Take a peek into the history of Madison’s Montpelier estate.

James Madison Grew Up On Montpelier

James Madison Monteplier Estate
Facebook/James Madison’s Montpelier
Facebook/James Madison’s Montpelier

From the moment James Madison was born on March 16th, 1751, he lived on the Montpelier estate. The oldest of twelve children, he grew up on his father’s tobacco plantation that spanned 2,650 acres. Back then, they called the estate Mount Pleasant.

Madison remained on the plantation until he left for the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) at age 18, although he would inherit it later in life. The property made him the most substantial landowning citizen in Virginia.