Photos Revealing What Vikings Were Actually Like

Ancient Norse seafarers who were inhumanly large, brutish, and killed everything in their path: these were the Vikings. At least, that’s what popular culture wants us to believe. In reality, the Vikings weren’t the barbarians that we have branded them. They were a group of greatly intelligent, civilized, and hard-working people. Their unique culture and belief system was misunderstood by other cultures, which helped contribute to a false reputation that is still upheld today. Read on to learn about the reality of the Viking way of life. You’ll find out what is actually true and what is just legend.

They Never Wore Horned Helmets

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Vikings was that they wore horned helmets into battle. However, this has been proven to be completely false. If they wore helmets at all in combat, they certainly didn’t have horns on them because there have been no artifact discovered to suggest this was something that Vikings wore.

Photo: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images
Photo: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images

The idea behind the horned helmets came from the Victorian era to romanticize the image of the Vikings. They were described as wearing these scary-looking helmets in order to make them seem as savage and horrifying as possible.