Photos Demonstrate What The American Civil War Was Really Like

Fought in the United States between 1861 to 1865, the American Civil War is described as one of the darkest times in United States history. Brother fought against brother over several reasons, although primarily over the controversy of slavery in the United States. The states that remained loyal to the United States were known as the Union with the southern states that succeeded calling themselves the Confederate States of America. The conflict is the bloodiest and most costly war ever fought on American soil, changing the trajectory of the United States forever. These photos salvaged from the Civil War show what that time was really like.

Major General John Sedgewick Was Killed By A Sniper

Civil War Soldiers

Here is an image of General John Sedgewick sitting while surrounded by some of his men. Sedgewick was regarded as one of the most experienced and respected commanders in the Union Army and was even referred to as Major General. Unfortunately, he was shot in the head by a sharpshooter, killing him.

According to fellow general Ulysses S. Grant, losing him was “greater than the loss of a whole division of troops.” Supposedly, he claimed that the snipers “couldn’t hit an elephant at that distance” just moments before he was killed.