When Scientists Drained Niagara Falls In 1969, They Were Left With More Questions Than Answers

During the summer of 1969, engineers discovered a deep, hidden secret about Niagara Falls. After draining the falls by cutting off the flow from one peak and redirecting it, what laid beneath was revealed. What they found, they never expected. Buried among the rocks was a finding that created far more questions than answers. What did they unearth? Continue reading and discover the truth that scientists found buried underneath the natural beauty that is Niagara Falls.

A Fine Piece Of Nature

a view from above
Adrian Ace Williams/Archive Photos/Getty Images
Adrian Ace Williams/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Do you remember the first time you visited Niagara Falls and learned just how majestic it was? Its sheer vastness is enough to stimulate a great enough reaction. Millions of tourists visit year-round and post all the pictures they can online for their friends and family to see.

Believe it or not, 50 years ago, the falls nearly lost their beauty. Something happened that caused scientists to grow concerned about them. They decided to investigate but had no idea that what they planned to do could have done more harm than good.