Secrets About Area 51 You Probably Haven’t Heard About

For years, Area 51 has provided conspiracy theorists with one of the greatest mysteries known to man. What exactly is the government hiding in the desert in Nevada? According to our great nation’s leaders, they aren’t hiding anything. The area they used to deny existed was revealed in 2013, along with documents revealing the “boring” activities happening there. Well, we’re not buying what the government is selling us! Here are the secrets about Area 51 the government doesn’t want you to know about.

This Is What The Government Wants You To Think

Photo Credit: enhanced by maps4media via Getty Images
Photo Credit: enhanced by maps4media via Getty Images

Basically, the government wants you to know nothing about Area 51. Because of the “Freedom of Information Act” from 2005, though, they can no longer deny the existence of suspicious installation.

Conspiracy theorists will always think the site is hiding information about alien life and technology. Others believe the site is used for testing experimental aircraft and weapons. What secrets are really hiding underneath the sand? Let’s take a peek!