Facts About The Ancient Roman Empire

Goddess Of The Sewers

Believe it or not, the Ancient Romans had a goddess of the sewers and drains of Rome. Cloacina, or “The Cleanser,” was believed to have presided over the Cloaca Maxima, “The Great Drain,” which was the main system of sewers in Ancient Rome. Originally derived from Etruscan mythology, she was eventually adopted by the Romans and came to be identified with Venus.

Photo Credits: DeAgostini/Getty Images
Photo Credits: DeAgostini/Getty Images

Over time, as well as being the goddess of the sewers, Cloaca was also deemed the protector of intercourse in marriage, the goddess of filth, and the goddess purity. A shrine was built in her honor directly above the entrance to the Cloaca Maxima Sewer and is where historians believe there was once a shrine.