The Heartbreaking, Yet Inspiring Story About The Soviets Tortured Conjoined Twins

It’s fairly easy to say that twins have a special connection. That connection takes an entirely unique step when you’re conjoined and don’t have any other choice.

You’re forced to feel the same pain, and be together literally all the time. These Russian conjoined twins endured the unthinkable. Their incredible spirit, strength and attitude toward life when they were taking on tragedy head-on is inspiring. This is the story of the Krivoshlayapova twins.

It Was A Simple Time


Their parents lived a fairly simple life, with simple jobs and simple aspirations. Mikhail and Yekaterina Krivoshlyapova had just tied the knot and were excited to start a family.

He was a personal driver, and she was a housewife. Two jobs that seemed like the status quo in the Soviet Union at the time.