The Hygiene Habits Of The Ancient Egyptians Will Make You Feel Favored

Thankfully, we live in a world where a good amount of the population has access to the necessities. Locating fresh water isn’t too painful, you can get food for a dollar, and we don’t have to brush our teeth with a stick bound with strips of plants as bristles. The latter, however, was something the ancient Egyptians had to deal with in their lives. For that era, inventions like that were common, as they took pride in keeping clean. The ancient Egyptians figured out all kinds of ways to keep their hygiene as efficient as possible.

Shaving Their Heads

ancient thebes
DEA / M. SEEMULLER/De Agostini via Getty Images
DEA / M. SEEMULLER/De Agostini via Getty Images

These days, we don’t have to rely on losing all of our hair to prevent lice. Some products can do that for us, but during ancient times, they had to go another way.

Lice used to torment the Egyptians a ton, so they took drastic measures to get rid of them. They would remove all their hair using knives, tweezers, and razors. In return, they would sport wigs made from real human hair or horsehair.