These Are The Incredible Pieces Of Art Stolen By Hitler’s Forces During World War II

Considered one of the greatest villains of the last 100 years, Hitler’s party didn’t do itself any favors by stealing some of the most prized possessions ever. Hitler started his life out as an artist before becoming the leader of Germany. As he attempted to take over the world, his love for art never died, and instead of paying for what he wanted, he took it. From 1933 until 1945, Hitler and his despicable party stole some of the most precious artwork the world has ever seen. You won’t believe how much work Van Gough lost to Hitler!

This Bust Of Queen Nefertiti Is Priceless

queen nefertiti.jpg

Photo Credit: OLIVER LANG/AFP/Getty Images

German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt found this bust of Nefertiti during a dig in Egypt in 1912. Despite missing an eye and having her ear chipped, the bust is priceless. Instead of reporting his find, he stole it and brought it back to his homeland.

The statue was on display in Berlin in 1933 when Egypt offered other relics in exchange for their queen’s return. Museum officials agreed to terms on a trade until Hitler stepped in. Declaring the piece one of his favorites, he denied the deal. Today the bust remains in Berlin and would be worth millions if ever put up for auction.