These Wars Have Cost Their Countries A Fortune

The US has spent at least $4.8 trillion in the War of Afghanistan. This massive bill is not that surprising considering that the cost of a modern fighter jet can be $250 million and an aircraft carrier can cost $13 billion.

From ancient times to today, war is a heavy financial burden, but some are more burdensome than others. From the American Revolution to the current Syrian Civil War, here are some of the most expensive wars.

Mexican-American War: Was Texas Worth The Money?

American troops conquering Mexico City, Mexico
Photo Credit: DEA/BIBLIOTECA AMBROSIANA/Contributor/Getty Images
Photo Credit: DEA/BIBLIOTECA AMBROSIANA/Contributor/Getty Images

The Mexican-American War lasted from 1846 to 1849 and cost the US $2.4 billion. The cause? The Lone Star State. In 1845, newly elected president James K. Polk sent troops to take control of Texas. In 1846, Mexican forces engaged and defeated American troops in what is now known as the Thorton Affair.

President Polk evoked this confrontation to Congress as the primary justification for declaring war. The war ended on February 2nd, 1848, with the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, which granted Texas to the US and established the Rio Grande as the southern border of the new state.