Time Capsule Buried By Sam Adams Offers A Look Into The Past

Artifacts from the past can tell us so much about the way people used to live hundreds and even thousands of years ago. A lot of the historical artifacts archeologists have found are remains of civilizations. Those items weren’t intentionally left for historians to find. Time capsules, however, are intended to be viewed as artifacts. They are purposeful historical lenses.

Recently, a time capsule was discovered that was created and buried by one of the founders of America, Sam Adams, along with Paul Revere and William Scollay. Keep reading to find out what they decided to put in that capsule.

The Inspection Begins

gloved hand holding Inscribed silver plaque
Photo Credit: Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Photo Credit: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

On January 6, 2015, academics, journalists, politicians, and other interested spectators gathered around as conservators from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts inspected a copper box that had corroded over several years. This was no ordinary box. It was a time capsule created by Sam Adams, Paul Revere, and William Scollay.

People from all over the country came to see what one of the founders of this great nation left behind when he took his leave of this realm. “It was like brain surgery, with history looking down on us,” Malcolm Rogers, the museum’s director, told CNN.