High Flying Facts About The United States Air Force

The United States Air Force is one of the five branches of the United States Armed Forces. Established in 1907, the Air Force was originally a part of the United States Army before becoming its own branch of the military in 1947. The USAF is regarded as the largest and most technologically advanced air force in the world, operating 5,369 military aircraft, 406 ICBMs, and 170 military strategies as of 2017. Curious about the USAF? Take a look at some of these lesser-known facts.

Air Force One Isn’t The Name Of The Airplane

Air Force One landed

When you hear Air Force One, most people assume that it’s a designated airplane that the President of the United States travels in. However, there are two of them, and the Boeing VC-25s are referred to as 28000 or 29000.

Air Force One is the traffic control designation for any plane that the president is a passenger on. For example, when President Nixon resigned, his plane took off as Air Force One but landed as SAM 27000. Air Force One has the security equivalent of a nuclear weapon, and the airmen have permission to use deadly force if needed.