Bewitching Vintage Photos Of Stevie Nicks, ‘The Reigning Queen Of Rock and Roll’

Stevie Nicks is one of the most recognizable and talented American singer/songwriters alive today. Her distinctive voice, poetic song lyrics, and unique personal style have captivated fans for decades. Let’s take a look at some rare and vintage photos of the woman who Rolling Stone calls “the Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll.” We’ll also learn some facts about her life, her time with Fleetwood Mac, and her solo career.

She Loved Music From An Early Age


Stephanie Lynn Nicks has always had an interest in music, fostered by her grandfather Aaron Nicks, who performed country and western music in local clubs. He would bring the future rock icon to sing duets with him starting when she was only four or five years old.

Later, when Stevie was in grade school, he would make plans to take her on tour, a plan that was quickly nixed by her protective mother.