Gary Cooper: His Life Of Success And Setbacks

Handsome, clever, smart, and talented, Gary Cooper was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood from the end of the silent film era through the end of the golden age of Classical Hollywood. He was known for playing a range of leading characters in various genres and was renowned for his authenticity in each role. While he seemed to have the picture-perfect life full of money and fame, that was far from the truth. His personal life was riddled with lies, infidelity, botched relationships, and worse. See the man Gary Cooper really was, and why the public saw him as an American hero.

He Started Out As A Stuntman

Cooper in The Thundering Herd
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

In 1925, Gary Cooper started his career in front of the camera as a stunt rider and extra in silent Western films such as The Trail Rider, The Thundering Herd, and Wild Horse Mesa.

However, Cooper had the upper hand considering that he grew up on a farm and was a skilled horseman well before he got into acting. Unfortunately, Cooper found his job to be “tough and cruel” on both the rider and the horses. This inspired him to rise in the ranks.