The Unbelievable Life And Military Career Of Napoleon Bonaparte

Born August 15, 1769, Napoleon Bonaparte was an incredibly ambitious politician and political leader who rose to power during the French Revolution, shaping the nation and successfully leading several military campaigns. His leadership and military prowess led to him becoming the Emperor of France and dominating the vast majority of Europe for over a decade. Take a look at the kind of man Napoleon was, his strengths, weaknesses, and what made him one of the most controversial yet revered leaders in human history.

He Didn’t Grow Up Wealthy

Portrait of young Napoleon
Photo12/UIG/Getty Images
Photo12/UIG/Getty Images

While Napoleon’s parents, Carlo Maria Bonaparte and Letizia Ramolino Bonaparte, were members of minor Corsican nobility, Napoleon’s family wasn’t affluent like most might assume. Although Napoleon attended French military academies, he wasn’t admitted due to his parent’s wealth but was admitted through scholarships.

This made Napoleon significantly less privileged compared to his other classmates who came from rich and well-connected families. Furthermore, having grown up in Corsica, Napoleon’s first language was Italian, not French. Supposedly, he was teased by his classmates for sounding like a peasant.