Rising Above: The Life And Times Of Doris Day

Actress and singer Doris Day was one of the biggest stars that the entertainment industry had ever seen. Her popularity in the ’40s and ’50s led to a successful career in both music and acting. But America’s most wholesome star has more to her than most people realize. Back-stabbing husbands and scandalous affairs played out in her personal life while Doris worked hard to keep her career moving forward.

She Was Named After a Song

Doris Day was actually born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, the daughter of second generation German immigrants. Her stage name came after orchestra leader and jazz musician Barney Rapp saw her performing a version of “Day After Day”.

Although it’s often confused with Doris’ hit single “Day By Day”, the two were entirely different songs. The former was never recorded by the singer, despite becoming her namesake. The tune was so frequently requested by audiences that it simply made sense to dub her Doris Day – it’s certainly more stage-worthy than Doris Kappelhoff.