Stunning Starlets Of The 1950s

There’s nothing like the Golden Age of Hollywood – and the starlets who defined the decade. In the 1950s, Tinsel Town was marked with an air of glamour that has since been unmatched. These gorgeous starlets were American royalty (and in some cases literal royalty) and graced headlines for better and for worse. Despite their major successes and million dollar paychecks, the stunning starlets of the 1950s all grappled with the dark side of fame. In some cases, it ruined them.

Dorothy Dandridge’s legendary nomination


Image credit: Carmen Jones

In 1955, Dorothy Dandridge became the first black actress nominated to receive an Academy Award for a leading role. Though she didn’t win, her work in the 1954 musical Carmen Jones made history. She was featured on the cover of Life and got the chance to visit the Cannes Film Festival, virtually unheard of successes for a black actress at the time.