The Evolution Of Gregg Allman: Success Despite Being His Own Worst Enemy

Gregg Allman was a singer, songwriter, keyboard player, husband, father, brother, and a son, but how did a little boy from Tennessee grow to be one of the most influential figures in rock? Who was the man who broke into Capricorn Sound Studios in the middle of the night to record his signature track “Midnight Rider,” which speaks to and exemplifies his restless nature? A total of 11 bouts in rehab, seven marriages, five children, and countless fans have been part of the 69 years Allman spent on this earth, but more than anything, his time here was about the music and it is for that he will be forever remembered.

Births and Deaths


Born in Nashville, Tennessee a year after his older brother Duane, Gregg Allman entered the world on December 8, 1947. The Allman family lived in Vanleer, Tennesse until in 1949 Army Lieutenant Willis Allman, the boy’s father, was shot and killed by a hitchhiker to whom he had offered a lift. Subsequently, Gregg and Duane’s mother, Geraldine, moved the family to Nashville where she enrolled in a college course to become an accountant.

Forced to live on-campus, Geraldine had to send her boys to board at nearby Castle Heights Military Academy to keep them out of the state orphanage.