Dog Breeds That No Longer Exist, But You’ll Wish They Did

Man’s best friend has been around for ages, and while there are hundreds of breeds walking around today, would you believe there used to be more? From golden retrievers to bulldogs and even to the more obscure breeds such as the dreadlocked puli dog, the variations of pooches is endless.

Around 360 different breeds have been recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), more commonly known as the World Canine Organization. Like the dinosaurs of the canine family, some dogs are lost to us forever. Take a look at these now-extinct dogs that once kept our ancestors company.

Talbot Hound

Talbot / Pinterest / Pinterest

Believed to be one of the ancestors of the modern-day beagle and bloodhound, the talbot was a hunting hound that was common in England during the Middle Ages. It is uncertain whether the dog was bred to be a scent or sighthound, or if they were used for digging out prey.

The dog was illustrated in art as small to medium-sized, with white fur, large, powerful feet, a deep chest with a slender waist, long drooping ears like a bloodhound, and a very long curled tail. The talbot existed until the end of the 18th century.